Porcupine Quills and Ink by Ken Allan Dronsfield


Put my grave atop the great waterfall;

wrap me well inside my favorite blanket

place my bow and arrow upon my chest

put my headdress of Bald Eagle feathers

on my head and lay me on a bed of fern

leave me in peace, staring off at the sky

now turning a deep red at twilight’s call

feed my pony grains coated with honey

he must wait until the great one calls him.

tell my family that I died with honor and

my only regret is not being there this cold

fall and winter to provide food and firewood.

yes, put me on the wood, atop the waterfall.

mark my name on a tall swamp cedar pole

use porcupine quills and inks in my pouch

light the fire and watch me fly into the sky!


© Ken Allan Dronsfield

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Who are you? Are you a brave knight? A warrior brandishing your sword, ready for battle. Are you a dreamer? Away with the fairies, losing count of fireflies whilst searching for Neverland. A goth? Who feels right at home with the monsters hiding under the bed, who loves to dance a dervish with the devil on the stroke of midnight. Or perhaps you are a dragon-slayer? Or a soul snatcher? Basking in the heat of an eternal flame. Or maybe you’re a witch? Hiding deep in the woods, practicing dark arts beneath the light of a full moon.

L.J. Diaz, Author of Catching Snowflakes

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