Featured Author: Brenda-Lee Ranta

brenda-leeBrenda-Lee Ranta is an author/poet who resides in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. She began writing poetry 52 years ago, a practice she has cherished throughout her life, as a form of journaling, which recorded events throughout her lifetime.

She is a mother of three children, two step children and a grandmother. Brenda-Lee shares her artistic journey with her divine partner, who is also a published poet, lyricist and musician.

She was first published in the Anthology, ‘Imperfect Paths,’ by CTU Publishing Group in 2016, later going on to have two full books of her own poetry published, Myriad of Perceptions, and Allegories – a Thirst for Connection. She has since been included in a further three Anthologies, published by CTU Publishing Group, of which she was extremely honored. She also worked as the Creative Director on the Anthology, I Have a Name,’ Creative Talents Unleashed. This is Brenda-Lee’s first novel, the product of what she considers a mystical life.

Here is an excerpt from Brenda-Lee’s latest book A Soul Passenger

Chapter 3


Her former experience with the church had taught her that through ritual prayer and sacrifice, she would be worthy of God’s divine grace, by invoking the intercession of the Saints, lest she not be heard the first time.  Encouraged to talk to Jesus and his mother, Mary, invoking divine intercession. She had always believed that Jesus was an example to her.  Through meditation, she felt with surety that “God – Source” was in her and she was in “Source.” He knew her every thought, motivation, her darkness, her light, her potentiality and her failures. He loved her and desired that she also loved herself. In her soul, she felt this was true.

Something profound was occurring in relation to “Drew.” She began to have nocturnal awakenings from a sound sleep, that were not always pleasant. She would feel an aching under her breastbone, and immediately think of him, as if his name were screaming out to her. The first time, she had a compulsion in the middle of the night, to

run downstairs and go online. He was online too – at the same time, whereby the pattern of nocturnal conversations began. He couldn’t sleep, he was having anxiety, he was frustrated with it.  They would chat for a few minutes with a deep need “to comfort him.”  They would say good night, returning back to bed.

Oh, Divine God,

Source of all that is

Show me the way

to my hidden path


This cycle repeated itself, time and again,

always at different hours throughout the night, waking her, only to find Drew having just gone online simultaneously. This continued to happen at random hours, whereby she continued to wake from a sound sleep to find herself talking with him in the wee hours of the night, despite the fact she needed to work in the morning. Drew conceded to Brandi, that it was becoming a strange phenomenon, stating, “once is co-incidence, routine is not.” She told him that she certainly wasn’t sleeping with her head on the keyboard, nightly. Brandi was awed that whenever they now spoke online, she would feel an energy whirling about her. She did not understand what it was as it continued each time.  She was developing a deep feeling of ‘unconditional love’ for Drew that she didn’t understand. So intense was her compassion and desire for him; it was impossible to contain.

This physical sensation of whirling energy only happened in meditation with “Source” or when she spoke with Drew.  Although they never saw each other, except to speak online,

Brandi knew this was not a love that she had any previous experience with, it was a different type of love, yet very familiar.  As a very rational person, she had nothing to compare it to. She had an inner allegiance to a man who only wanted an online relationship with her. She felt very stuck.  How could she move on from this? What did it all mean? 

Continued in book . . .

A Soul Passenger

A Soul Passenger–Now Available

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