For Cathie & Gracie by Jaz


2 doves, determined

crash into each other

beak and breast

making a “thud!”

that all of nature feels

Their contemporaries-

great and small gather

(like when each one knows

when the other is in trouble)

The loudest silence falls

even sea creatures halt

with bated breath

And I watch

a fox and wolf

peer with sly grins

revel in the birds

impending demise

(they always were jealous of their flight)

A mix

of feathers and blood

lie in a heap


on the floor

of the earth

Necks askew

One bird lingers

She dreams to grace

the brilliant blue once more

as the gleam  in her eye

slowly fades

with the memory

of her former glory

This is the last thing that I see.


© Jaz

Serendaing Flowers

Excerpt from the book Serenading Flowers

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Jaz WAbout the Author

Jaz is an actress, ASCAP member-songwriter, published poet, model and singer from Philly, PA. Jaz is pursuing her BA in Theater Studies at Temple University. She is a member of Temple’s Golden Key International Honour Society and on the Dean’s List. Jaz was also just awarded as a 2017 honoree of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Visit Jaz’s Author Page At

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