14 Stones by Sandra Lyon Kramer

I was not born into a house of sin,

But the evil entered in by invitation.

Deceptively, by day he was a bank of sunlit clouds

Beyond the shoreline of a home’s safe harbor.

Unassuming, unsuspected,

Waiting for the lighthouse keeper’s sleep,

Then he would creep, silent as the pauses

Between even, dreaming breaths.

Evil, like a sleeping dog.

Evil, cold and clammy, the fog seeped silently

Through cracks of moonless, blackened

Bedroom doors.


A shadow made of 14 stones,

A beast with a clamp of a dangerous hand

To muffle the scream of a child awake in a nightmare.

A monster that growled in awful grown-up threats

Of death with every putrid breath.

I’m suffocated as the fog pulls me into the sea.

Drowning in terror and pain, in bruising, bleeding shame,

Beneath the weight of 14 stones.

I’m pressed to an airless hell

Sure I will float down and down with my innocence

To die on an ocean floor.


Though I breathed and swam and lived,

Oh, my soul, my soul.  My soul

In silent devastation cried another ocean.

Upon that sea with sheets of wind-torn trust and a broken mast

My soul.  My soul. My soul

Sank with its secret of shame

To lay down again, again beneath those 14 stones

And 14 thousand more.

In the wake of incest children have no shore.

Just lightless, airless nights and fear of fog

And watching bedroom doors

From ocean floors.


© Sandra Lyon Kramer

The Only Words My Soul Knows

Excerpt from the book The Only Words my Soul Knows

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Sandra Kramer About the Author

Sandra Lyon Kramer is a poet, artist, and political blogger. Her first published work was an essay that appeared in the “My Turn” column of the Los Angeles Daily News in June of 1992. The following year she won The National Author’s Registry President’s Award for Literary Excellence for “Starless” and was recognized by the International Society of Poets as a Poet of Merit.

Sandra is the former owner of two free-press publications, The Anti-Press and the Reality Press, and was a contributor to the Daily News, the Daily Journal, and Antelope Valley Focus Magazine.  She now operates Tiny House Productions in the Los Angeles area and is a frequent participant in open mic events at Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural in Sylmar, California.

 Visit Sandra’s Author page at: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/sandra-lyon-kramer-.html

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