Writer Highlight Featuring: Baidha Fercoq



Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


The diplomatic stage has masterfully been set and cast. Foolery rules where once were the statesmen of craft weighing the world’s fate as they carefully chose their words to interact. But that was another time of man as reason has left the building and callous figures of soulless-mind now rule this world. Of what tomorrow holds none can say, but perhaps calmer minds will prevail and man will live another day to tell his tale.

No people, No War

No people, no war
those were the cautionary chants
crusaders hopelessly sang.

As arrogance and bravado
where the last gestures
hurled between narcissist leaders.

Foolish strategic drama
meant to intimidate
and alter history’s unfoldment
has instead become an epitaph.

… for there is no longer war
there is nothing
but ghastly broken remnants of people.

© Baidha Fercoq


Response to our Inspiration Call on June 8, 2018

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