The Stick to Your Hand Sorrow by Ryan Vallee


You were the one to

Show my roots where to grab

Dirty hands never bothered you

Until later on

When you decided to

Grow without me

You never cut me down

But left me with sorrow running

Down my sides

Fleeing from a heart that wonders

If there’s a warmth that can

Make syrup of my sap

Making off

As if it knew the answer


© Ryan Vallee


Excerpt from the book “Off The Leash”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and


About the Author

Ryan Vallee  is a  36 year old husband, and father to three kids. He grew up in Michigan and has lived there all his life. He began writing in the 6th grade, on and off throughout high school and after.  He went on a bit of hiatus until a year ago, when he  picked the pencil back up and hasn’t stopped writing since.

 Visit Ryan’s Author Page At:

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