Writer Highlight Featuring: Tracy Seiden



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She Remembers


She remembers he sat amused as she raided the kitchen for peanut butter for her squirrel trap and patiently stood by as she tried to rescue a robin’s egg.

She remembers adventures on the dirt bike, letting her convince him she was ready for the grown up bicycle that’s nearly as tall as she is, smiling as she rushed in after a day of riding, eyes bright and a skinned knee or two from leaping off that same bicycle because she was too small to slow it down but wouldn’t give it up.

She remembers Easter egg hunts and watching him play that guitar, singing to her as the clouds rolled by in the summer’s of her youth; picnics and fireworks shows, blowing the soup can over the house that one year. There were late night movies and his way of saying you got this when teaching her to drive, always having a quiet faith in her that made even the hardest tasks possible.

She remembers him standing back and watching her so carefully measure and build an entertainment center – backwards, then deconstructing it with her and watching her put it back together properly because sometimes in life you need a different perspective to get it right.

She remembers him teaching her how to change the oil and standing back to watch as it covered her when she took off the oil pan, frustrated but determined to get it right because it was important to learn that sometimes things get messy but they always clean up in the end.

She remembers every time he says I’m proud of you, every I love you because they didn’t always come easy, but they were always there in his actions.

She remembers his work ethic and commitment to making their house a home.

Thank you Dad for a lifetime of memories.

© Tracy Seiden


Response to our Inspiration Call on June 19, 2018

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