The Circus by Ariana R. Cherry


They said my cousin

ran away with the circus.

He quoted,

“Mum, I’ve had enough,

So I’m going to go

play with the lions.”


I on the other hand

would rather believe he ran away to be a star.

Sometimes I was the only one

who knew how caged up he had felt.

It made sense that he had

wanted to be in the spotlight.


They said my cousin ran away with the circus.

What fun to see all of the beautiful colors,

elegance and challenge of the fine acrobats!


My mum once said,

“It’s just one big happy freak show!

Only one out of their right mind

would want to join the circus!”


I applauded my cousin.

It was about time someone was smart enough

to leave this bland of a small town.


Too many lawyers…

too many police…

Too much gossip.

Others go to bed –

while some may not even sleep!


My cousin ran away with the circus…

How I wish I had his heart and courage

to follow a wild and crazy dream!


My mum said,

“Now don’t you be

thinking anything weird!

You certainly don’t want

to grow up to be like your cousin!”


So I thought to myself

No- I certainly don’t.


Last night, I ran away

to be with the gypsies.

They all say my cousin

is back from the circus.

I heard he was a star.


© Ariana R. Cherry

Excerpt from the book “Down The Rabbit Hole”

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Down TheAbout the Book:

Tick tock says the magic clock

In a language that’s part of the soul

Get in line for the gate

You don’t want to be late

For your trip down the rabbit hole…


Down the Rabbit Hole” is a collective work of writings from poets who like you, live their lives inundated with the challenges and demands of everyday life. They have unlocked the door to boundaries we all make for ourselves and turned those boundaries into fantastic, beautiful worlds to both help ease the boredom and perhaps spark the imagination.

Lyne Beringer, Author of “Alaskan Vogue – Poetry From the Land of Ice and Shadows

This book was sponsored by the Starving Artist Fund by the publishing group Creative Talents Unleashed.

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

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