Featured Writer’s: Jack Waller and Daginne Aignend



Broken, healed, wounded, whole

We walk the path of life,

Whose fabric meets our stoic gaze,

Until that time we are filled,

Seeing through the murky mist,

A hand extended


Reaching out for interrupted signals,

an impediment to mend the torn up seal

Our vows, made in insecurity

and hastiness will never be

fulfilled by stopping

at a signpost and stare


In the distance, a vista opens,

Calling us onward.

Mystical, transforming the mundane

Into an ethereal, somewhat surreal presence.


A prophetic perception, warning us

to hold hands, to walk together

and share the beauty of kindred spirits

to never be broken again



© Jack Waller and Daginne Aignend

Jack Waller is a 79 years old resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has a Diploma in Theology from The Atlantic School of Theology. He’s a widower with 5 children and 5 grandchildren, he remarried to a husband. Jack has a deep faith and spirituality.

Daginne Aignend is a pseudonym for the Dutch writer, poetess, photographic artist Inge Wesdijk. She likes hard rock music, fantasy books, is a vegetarian who loves her animals. She’s the Poetry Editor of Whispers and has been published in many poetry journals, magazines and anthologies, in the ‘Tears’ Anthology of the NY Literary Magazine to name one. She has a fun project website www.daginne.com

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