Inspiration Call: Let your eyes be the camera


Inspiration Call: Let your eyes be the camera

Think of your eyes as the lens and capture what you see in this poetry challenge. Whether on vacation or just going to work…pick a particular scene of the day and write about it.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. secret lovers

    three women
    sitting in an upscale saloon
    waiting for their secret lovers
    to arrive for dinner

    the brunette bombshell
    is waiting for alex
    her married lover
    to come and tell her
    that he is leaving his wife for her

    Sara and Jessica
    Don’t believe that Alex will ever leave
    his wife for Lauralee

    but they also have secret lovers
    coming to the saloon for dinner

    Jeremy is unmarried
    a hipster
    with many women friends
    and he can’t decide
    whether to get serious
    with any of them

    content fo float from one flower
    to another
    but for how long?

    Sara is patiently waiting for him to decide

    Jessica is torn
    between two lovers

    Alexi and Samuel
    two best friends
    who take turns
    making wild love to her

    but she wants them both
    at the same time

    and they are afraid to take that step
    fearing that she might demand
    that they try bisexual sex

    and that is a step too far for them
    but not for her

    and so the three women
    sit and drink
    and wait for their lovers to come


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