Conversations with the Constellations by Elizabeth Diane Daniel

Mr. Moon
Is he with her tonight
Tell me
Is he holding her tight?

That ol’ moon
Looked down at me
Said, “I can’t tell you the things I see”
“If I did it’d probably kill ya,”
“Best you turn your pretty little head around and go to bed,”

Mr. Moon
Tell me they got into a fight
She threw him out onto the couch
Called him a lazy big-headed slouch

Shaking his full face
Moon frowned at me
“Girl I don’t think you need to see,”
“There are certain laws of the sky,”
“To light the way I agreed to confidentially

Oh, but Mr. Moon,
How will I forget?
How will I ever truly trust again?
I just need to know

With a quarter sized grin
Moon whispered
“You’ll meet another along the road,”
“Can’t reveal when but he’ll carry your heavy load,”
“Now sleep is calling your name,”
“Don’t worry, one day he’ll be hanging his head in shame.”


© Elizabeth Daniel

Depths of the Soul

Excerpt from the book Depths of The Soul

$10.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and


About the Author

From a very young age, Elizabeth knew she was meant to be a writer. Around 8 or so, she started with little poems inside birthday cards. As years went by, poetry became her safe haven in a world full of chaos and beauty. Through written words, she found her voice. A voice according to doctors, she was never supposed to have. Today at 34, she still re- reads those poems from the early days. Now housed on her bookshelf in old binders.

Visit Elizabeth’s Author Page At:

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