Smitten by Damon E. Johnson

The scent of her skin is naturally sweet

and her beauty takes my breath away

I get so nervous every time we meet

that I hardly have much to say


Yet these feelings of mine are so hard to keep

that I wish the cat would let go of my tongue

I try to convince myself that it’s not that deep

but the truth is I’m already sprung


There’s no doubt she’s the one that I adore

and her sexy vibe is difficult to resist

indeed love is just another metaphor

because a more powerful meaning doesn’t exist


Guess I’m going to have to finally confront my fear

and walk right up and look her square in the face

be truthful and undoubtedly clear

and hope that the words fall into place


See, I never met anyone like her before

and I’m a little anxious, but somehow I’m coping

so afraid that she might close the door

and leave my nose wide open


© Damon E. Johnson


Excerpt from the book Addiction.

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

20180111_194641About the Author

Damon E. Johnson is an accomplished freelance writer and poet currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the author of three dynamic poetry books; Rhythm in My BluesThe Vineyard: Exploding Grapes (Best Seller), and Forbidden Fruit. All which have left an undeniable impression on his readers. Damon definitely has a way with words and writes with intriguing passion and clever word play. A true poet with a gifted pen, there is no doubt that Damon E. Johnson is one of the hottest poets in the poetry genre today.

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