Too Much to Take by Amanda Hoppes


Trying to be what you want to

Having your own dreams, your own hopes

But they just ignore you

and that is the way it always goes


Trying to tell them how you feel

having so many things you want to do in life

But this wound you have is much too hard to heal

and everything you do is wrong, not right.


Trying to understand that they just want to help you

They think you are content with what they do and say

You never say what you want to do

Because you push your dreams away


Trying to get rid of this pain

but it’s too much to take

Nothing to lose, nothing to gain

so you make a huge mistake


Trying to hear what they are saying now

about you taking your life

Glad you did it, but regretting it somehow,

because all you ever did was wrong, not right.


© Amanda Hoppes

BookCoverImage Amanda

Excerpt from the book “From Midnight To Moonlight”

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Me wtih book 3

About the Author

Writing has been my passion since the age of 7… my inspiration to keep going with my writing has always come from my mother. Even though she passed away when I was 18, it is now driven by her memory.

 My name is Amanda Hoppes born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. My writing is my every step, every move, every breath I take; It’s my vibrant smile, my saddest frown, my every single mistake; It’s my heart on fire, my soul so deep, my mind always free; It’s my life line, my past, present and future, my writing is ME.

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