Introducing Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla “Poems of Provocative Motivation”

Poems of Provacative Motivation


Born of Peruvian roots; the bohemian spirit of Piero Sarmiento, lends credence to his addiction to words. His prose sets him apart by telling us about his determination to remaining true to his higher nature of loving passionately while maintaining his strong opinions. He holds alternatively liberal beliefs, in a world smug with rigid conservatism.

Piero stays true to his Latin American nature and his sophisticated style of writing, which is infused by his loyalties to his idealism and strengths. His belief system renders him a free spirit, refusing to be confined by social mores. He respects his roots while holding on to the enigma that is ‘he.’

“How come we cannot see ~ That within this idiosyncrasy ~

Lies the biggest contradiction ~ To our own biased conviction.”

Piero Sarmiento (Happiness)

This is a book of dichotomy of motivation, written with the depth that only a person who is well acquainted with his pain, preferring happiness as a veneer. Yet, there is forever a sense of underlying vulnerability which is both appealing and relatable.

A book for all lovers of ‘true prose.’

Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of A Soul Passenger

Poems Of Provocative Motivation

Now Available!

Visit Piero’s Author Page To Order Your Copy Today!

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