Damask Rose by Mark Andrew Heathcote

Damask rose how fair your beauty holds the light

How fair your fragrance subdues the fears of the night

And how beautifully fair your lowly crimson head

Is with gallantry and passions fed.


With midnight-oils in sunlit soils

Not a fairer beauty there is or be

Oh, damask rose in flaming clothes

What more beauty could there be?


But in man’s hand a maiden fair

With hazelnut brown hair

And roving hands – limbs that exult in hymns

The answer to a prayer.


© Mark Andrew Heathcote

Mark Heathcote Cover








Excerpt from the book “In Perpetuity”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Mark heathcote 1

About the Author

Mr. Mark Andrew Heathcote has been happily honing his writing skills for many years perfecting his poetry and sharing it on-line, through on-line poetry forums. He feels this book is the next best step in his creative endeavors.

Visit Mark’s Author Page At:www.ctupublishinggroup.com/mark-andrew-heathcote.html

Available on Kindle At: www.amazon.com/Perpetuity-Mark-Heathcote-ebook/dp/B01J2VW1WM

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  1. Congratulations, Mark. Love the poem. Beautiful verses. Almost like they’re written in a different era. Best of luck on your book.


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