Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday


Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday

Write a flash fiction piece (short story, prose, poetry up to 1000 words)

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. In the beginning of the world
    The gods assembled on Mt. Olympus
    And looked down on all of creation
    Imagining what they would create

    Minerva the beautiful and wise
    Took a look at a simple red rose
    And as she breathed on the red rose
    The rose turned into a beautiful young woman

    She turned to Minerva
    Thanked her for creating her
    And floated down to the garden of Eden
    As she was the first women on earth

    Breathed into life
    From a simple red rose


  2. Once cleanly paved sidewalks are uneven and littered
    With green leaves from arching trees, a contortionist
    Clad in green jumpsuit with wooden bones
    As cyclones of fire incinerate me
    With their sandpaper caress

    The slanted rain rapping on brittle pain
    Evaporates into wisps of smoke and blinds me
    Masquerading that galloping pain of disdain
    By the hiss of singing flames

    With its hellish black and whirling mood
    That spits on scrambling doves
    Who go scurrying from their nests
    With feathers of old and dried twig
    And their cracking, fragile shells
    Of hidden foul yolk

    As the cyclone whirls
    Silencing every cry
    My land splinters away


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