Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday


Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday – use this picture as inspiration for a micro poem (a short poem with no particular rules).

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. three cats ready to go

    three cats
    at play

    they look out at the world
    and they are ready

    they are born hunters
    they are hungry
    they are restless

    and they want
    to escape
    from the house

    to chase birds
    and other cats

    That’s the cat’s life after all
    they tolerate us humans
    only because we feed them

    But at heart
    they are wild things
    and wild things
    need to be free


  2. Found Freedom– Lucy Leone 2018 ©
    From the shadow of Mama
    they secretly sneak
    tippy toed –
    the three of them.
    Soft young pads on straw
    awaken bright eyes.
    baby bundles;
    furry all,
    frolic in freedom.


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