Death is Certain by Tri


Daily stressing on the cost of living.

They keep raising the prices with no second thought given

I’m still unemployed.

Plagued by these intimate intricate thoughts,

These simple complex dots on the scatter plot.

What is good and what is evil?

What is money worth and

What is success?

What is justice and what is righteousness?

What is love?

Land of the free,

Mind me,

I’m still colonized.

Minority strategized and had the vast majority marginalized,

And food for thought can’t fill the bellies of African babies.

Lost generation

I’m starring at the ceiling, seeing the Earth

Formless and void and no spirit hovering.


Would be Biko be proud of me?

Would Hani come back one more time just to fight for me?

Imagine if Martin never had a dream or

If Malcom had never been to prison.

Driven into a deeper mind-set ‘till I’m rudely interrupted.

I’m being told that it’s time for church

But I don’t want to hear the preacher preach.

Demons stealthily dragging me out, back to hell.

The church be chanting hymns.

I’m more concerned with why the black birds sing.

I learned the song with my headphones on –

Cruising through galaxies,

Escaping reality’s


Came face to face with the truth and the honesty,

The question being:

Why are we so persistent in doing this “living” thing?

Always on our toes

Could it be the fear of what’s not seen?

That death is certain and on our heels?


©   Tri

Excerpt form the book “Essential Existentialism”

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Essential Existentialism

Foreword …

Why are we here? 

What is our purpose? 

What is the meaning of life?

These are the questions that have plagued humanity since the dawn of time.

With the recent passing of Stephen Hawking, one of the most world-renowned physicists, known for his enormous contributions to quantum mechanics and general relativity, one has to only look to his astounding life of physical challenges and dedication to finding the answers to these questions. It begs us to continue to look for our own answers.

This anthology is dedicated to what gives life meaning and purpose personally. On a grander scale, what is the purpose of our existence as humanity?  It is both deeply personal and widely introspective; yet it is also subjective.

Various poets share their verse, prose and poetry about what they perceive to be the meaning of life.  ~ Brenda-Lee Ranta

Available Now

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100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

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