Featured Writer: Elizabeth Daniel

I hold on


Pictures with frayed edges

Smiling faces frozen in happy poses

If but for a moment

You can almost hear the conversation

“Stop poking your sister!”

“Look at the camera, act normal!”

Tears roll as I catch a glimpse of loved ones who

have gone on too soon

But through photographs, memories still seem new.


© Elizabeth Daniel

Elizabeth Daniel About the Author

Elizabeth Daniel first realized her passion for writing at a very young age. She fell in love with poetry around the age of 9. She fulfilled her lifelong dream of being published in 2016 with the release of, “Diary of A Poet”. Daniel released her second book of poetry, “Depths of The Soul” in Dec. She has been featured in several Creative Talents Unleashed anthologies, as well as Instagram, you can find her there @poeticlife33.  Elizabeth lives in Windsor, Ky. with her mother, brother, and dogs. She enjoys photography, drawing, and chasing her niece and nephews.

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  1. Congratulations Elizabeth! Lovely remembrance piece of work!


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