The Drifter’s Dilemma by Hannah Allen

My home,

She shall have no walls,

I’ll call her the highway,

Like a snake,

She slithers across the face

Of Lady Liberty Land,

Winding a pathway

Of black asphalt sand.


My lovers,

I shall have many,

But, hold onto none,

For the drifter,

Love is a duel

With slow steps

And I’ll keep on walking.


My possessions,

I shall have few,

And I’ll fit them all

In my steel chariot,

That leaves an ink residue.


My mind,

It shall have no rest,

For some reason

It’s never quite content,

It stays hungry

And never stays still,

But, what a thrill it will have!


To see such splendid cities,

In the thick summers,

In the frigid winters,

I’ll spring from the east,

And fall down in the south,

I’ll bathe in all the seasons.


To meet all the people

In the streets,

Their faces, impulsive,

Like neurons firing

Down the city’s corridors,

Busy to get somewhere,

And off I go again,

Everything living must flee!


© Hannah Allen

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About the Author

I grew up in a small town in Florida where I currently live. A pretty normal 90’s childhood. The youngest of three. A proud Aunt. A current college graduate figuring it all out. I’ve always enjoyed writing and songwriting. A big fan of 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll helped guide me towards my love for poetry. I look forward to the many adventures ahead.

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