Capture the Light by Susannah White


Capture the light whenever you can.

Feel it absorb from your feet and up through your hands.

When you start to see all the beauty nature holds,

It responds to your energy and seems to return it tenfold!


The sun is a powerful source…

The essential need for it just to survive,

giving life to you and I.

It’s powers so mystifying, it becomes to many,

a way to revive.

The way it casts upon the great waters just as

it’s about to say goodnight,

is something so captivating it makes

everything feel just right.


© Susannah White

Where the Soul Wanders

Excerpt from the book Where the Soul Wanders

$12.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

Susannah White About the Author

Susannah White is a self-taught poet residing in Southern California. Her passion for writing excelled at a very young age after winning a state writing competition. She won numerous awards throughout school, including the national President’s award multiple times. Susannah feels her purpose in life is to lift those souls up whom have broken wings and help them once again soar to where their soul wanders.

Visit Susannah’s Author Page at:

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