Protest Songs – Collaboration

Where are all the protest songs?


Ticket stubs, blowin’ in the wind,

over trampled fences, scarred pasture

An old black man sings of freedom,

to the empty fields of Yasgur’s farm


Slogans sung in faded jeans

Purple haze, We Shall Overcome

Prophetic words in hashish days

Was it only hype that youth contrived,

If in the end, it was a lie?


Where are all the protest singers?


Dated songs, too old to sing,

gated hippies, too rich too care

Six string anthems, lyrical maps,

guiding us back home


Pocket watch in a business suit

love beads on a rear-view mirror

shagging wagons turned sedan

now they all work for the man

peace is a forgotten plan


Where are all the protests gone?

Sweet leaf breezes, bombers, butterflies,

overgrown children buried in the garden

Placards in mud, posters in blood,

Woodstock is dead


Daisies dried up in their hair

succumb to their survival

wrinkled hippies sit and stare

whining from their easy chairs

mutter protests; no one cares


An old black man sings of freedom

forgotten words of protest songs

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child,

lost in the empty fields of Yasgur’s farm


© Brenda-Lee Ranta, Hugh Dysart

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Fire and Ice

Foreword . . .

Many moons ago I realized the power of words and how they can accurately describe the nuances of emotion. They can take a person to the highest highs, and just as easily, that person can plummet into nothingness…. just by words. It is fascinating how perception and illusion rule our lives. What others fail to see is that for some, once the words are out there… the bleeding stops a little bit more… Those words are just part of us…And that is the beauty of it.

Fire and Ice is a collection of connections based on perceptions. It is person after person, reading, relating, and then reaching out to others through words. Connection…  is really what it is all about that.

I am honored to invite you inside the minds of people just like you. All their hopes, dreams, and disasters are here within the pages of this book.

Lyne Beringer, author of Alaskan Vogue

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

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