Featured Writer: Justin R. Hart

Captured Exposure


Even with the gift of sight,

truth changes color

depending on the Light

and tomorrow’s intention

can be kindly clearer

than yesterday’s yield

as most memory

is a seductive selection

of consciously collected

hindsight reflections,

some unimaginably illusive,

others indelibly printed

on our mirrored minds.

Each impressionable image

is like a thin thread,

weaving whispers of wonder

woven tightly together

to make a time tapestry

of intricate texture

to tell a telling story,

a captured chronicle

and this unscripted story

is our passioned past.


© Justin R. Hart

Justin HartAbout the Writer

Justin Hart came from humble beginnings. As a child, he was faced with dealing with the rough streets of East Los Angeles. Justin found an escape within the fantasy stories of Greek Mythology. He started writing his own creations at the age of 14.  His creative writing offered a world where he could cleverly express his fears and passions regarding the dualistic nature of our wayward world.  Justin continued pursuing writing through college; where he went on to teach English, Journalism, and Drama in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He was a celebrated teacher and an inspiration to his students, yet he humbly states that it was his students who inspired him.

Aside from being a teacher and a poet, Justin has been a photographer, videographer, musician, composer, and counselor. As his best friend and wife of 30+ years, I have been blessed to experience much of this genuine man’s creative endeavors, compassion, and magic. Now, you have an opportunity to traverse some of Justin Hart’s CTU poetic voyages. Enjoy the journey into his latest collection of poetic gems, “The Dawn of Pondering Passions.”  Follow Justin’s work at: www.Harmonic-Hart-Visions.com

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