Crossroad by Tracy Seiden

She was at a crossroad. In one direction light, love, transcendence beckoned. She could see the sunlight; feel the breath of sweet cool wind on her cheek. This way promised redemption, solace, a chance at a future she had thought not meant for her in this lifetime. Him.

In the other darkness whispered. Demons she tried to bury clawed their way along the blackness murmuring of time lost, love shattered, and self-doubt clouding any chance of lighthearted thought.

She wasn’t like most. Darkness did not frighten her. She had danced with these demons before with their crimson glare, comfortable in the spaces between conscious thought, taunting her with past failures.

But she grew restless succumbing to the voices. It had dawned a new day and she had woken with brightness in her eyes. She stood tall; shoulders squared, looked into those red-rimmed eyes and turned from the dark path.

There would always be darkness inside her but she now had control over how much power she gave it. She turned her face into the cool breeze and took a firm step toward the light, smiling at the howls from the darkness as they faded in the background.


© Tracy Seiden


Excerpt from the book “Moon Kissed Musings”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and


About the Author

Tracy Seiden lives in Texas.  She works in disaster assistance helping others regain their homes after disasters such as flooding and hurricanes.  Her desire is to retire to live in a cabin by the water somewhere, able to look out over the water and write.

Her first book, Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic was published in November of 2015 and has received excellent reviews and won the honorable award in 2016 at Readers Favorite.  Tracy’s second book of poems delves deeper into thoughts of love and loss.

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