Enlovingment by Christopher Allen Breidinger

I will never stop. I can never quit.

This is who I am and I’ve accepted it.

So many years, I thought I wasted them.

Turns out it was just my path to enlightenment.

And I want you to feel this, that’s why I’m sharing.

If you can feel it too then you’ll start giving.

And if everyone is giving, who can still suffer?

If we loved our own species like we love our mothers.

© Christopher Allen Breidinger


Scenes, Dreams, and Golden Schemes by Poet Christopher

This collection of poetry is intended to cause deep thought and reflection of one’s own self. Having been derived from the inner sanctum of the soul and painstakingly etched into existence by hours of thinking and rethinking. One of the most fascinating aspects of poetry is the ability of every poem to be interpreted individually by the individual reader. This gives every poem many facets and some may shine brighter than others for you. Much like a treasure hunt, you are invited to dig through the pages and seek out what jewels may be found. Take them with you.


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