Give Me a 4 Count by Elizabeth Diane Daniel

Blood stains

Defacing the same streets

Marching bands play

A medley of up tempo beats

Old school

“Eye of the Tiger”

Modern age

A little Ed Sheeran

Feet stomping in unison

Along the path of gang members

Guns held high

“Pop! Pop! Pop!”

Trumpets held high

“Dun Dun Da!”

Turn the corner

“1, 2, 3, 4!”

Crowd goes wild

Excitement at a fever pitch


Crowd goes wild

Excitement at a fever pitch,

Busted streetlights

Cast a similar glow

© Elizabeth Daniel

Excerpt from the book Depths of The Soul

Depths of The Soul by Elizabeth Daniel

Elizabeth Daniel, is known for ‘keeping it real.’ She holds up to her reputation, in this, her second book of prose. The author weaves her words, borne of innocence, yet packed with shocking wisdom. There are no clever metaphors to decipher, there is no ambiguity in her writing. Her prose is contrived from the ‘depths of her soul,’ with unabashed authenticity.


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