Beloved by Keith Forsythe

I feel her

That wandering

Lost soul

Her pain destroys me

She has fallen

Only I see it

On bended knee

I lift her caressing her wet cheeks

Drying her tears

Murmurs of despair

As she shares

Monstrous agonies

Holding her close

Rocking her

Soothing her broken heart

Giving her mine

Her eyes meet mine

I see her gratitude

I feel her love blooming

Hesitantly her fingertips meet my chest

I hear softly from parted lips

“I love you”

Heal my beloved I have you

Protected forever


©  Keith Forsythe

Excerpt from the book Affection After Affliction

Affection After Affliction

Through his self-proclaimed love of writing, poet, Keith Forsythe, debuts a vast collection of his works in “Affection After Affliction.”The author writes in a beautifully classical poetic style, heady with masculinity, spanning the various themes of Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology and Jewish Folklore. Keith Forsythe pens a series of love poems dedicated to his ‘White Rose,’ with immense depth of love and abiding passion.


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2 replies

  1. Beautiful poem! So emotional and raw. Love it.


  2. Every word, drawing me in, the end, leaving me wanting more ♥️


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