Heart’s Reflection by Shelly Ambrose

My reflection is dim and jaded

Unfinished goals sit weak and still

This heart beats numb and faded

How did my dreams used to feel?

I’m struggling to let brokenness go

To renew my peace and my mind.

New growth is desperate to flow

Life is too short to stop and rewind.

Beauty awakens from deep inside

To leave my painful past behind.

There are no more reasons to hide

My heart’s success is all in the mind.

© Shelly Ambrose

Excerpt from the book Microaggression

Anthology: Microaggression

The authors of Microaggression – Then & Now are speaking out. They are victims themselves and bravely share their experiences, concerns, hopes and fears through poetry and prose. They speak of a lack of empathy and tolerance in society. They warn of how words can cut, stir, disrupt and destroy. They refuse to accept others telling you that ‘you can't or ‘you’re not good enough’. They document long term derision, mocking of a person's skin color, sexual orientation and the dismissal of others and the lasting effects this has on all of us experiencing this. They want you to know that your handicap does not make you less of a human being.


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