All She Ever Wanted by Jeff Oliver

She always had a self esteem

That she kept away from the world

She always had the biggest dreams

Of a special kind of girl

Always needed the support she craved

Never asking for a thing

With all the cards, she has to play

The dealer’s always winning

All she ever wanted

Was the love that she lost

All she ever dreamed

Was to stop paying the cost

All she ever wanted was you

She was always there

All along

Playing over and over

Your favorite song

She never could get away

From the burdens of her heart

Until the day came

When she took over the stars

Revealing every scar

All she ever wanted

Was the love that she lost

All she ever dreamed

Was to stop paying the cost

All she ever wanted was you

She never could get away

© Jeff Oliver

Excerpt from the book Strange Sounds

Strange Sounds by Jeff Oliver

This is the heartfelt debut by poet, Jeff Oliver. He has created an eclectic composition of prose, with a universal appeal. His mosaic of words varies from his desire to live his own dreams, not the dreams of others, to a profound love for his soul mate. His heart renders passionate prose and sounds; addressing racial bigotry, an unkind political temperature, social mores, all while expressing tenderness and longing and abiding passion.


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Jeff Oliver

About the Author

Mr. Jeffrey Oliver was born in Baltimore Maryland in 1982, raised in southern Pennsylvania, and now resides in Western N.Y. A father of seven beautiful children, Jeffrey has been writing for 17 years, constantly chasing this crazy dream. He is married to a beautiful woman named Jennie, who is the reason he continues to keep dreaming, love conquers all. His writing inspires, shocks, and gives you vivid visions in your mind, like you are going through it with him. His euphoric writing will take you places you never thought you could go.

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  1. Just ordered my book! So looking forward to reading his beautiful work. Great writer. Beautiful and so deep in mind, in thoughts. Can relate to so many of his poetry. Continue to write Jeff! You are an inspiration.


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