White Privilege

It’s easy to ignore systemic racism and all of its woes It’s easy to ignore a rigged court system everybody knows It’s easy to ignore white on black violence because it’s so ingrained Into our media, schools and is never… Read More ›

Child Abuse

Screams banging Children crying Time takes a while to heal A child’s pain Whom do they run to? Who will speak up for them? When they are hurting Where to run Where is their refuge? Where is their safety? There… Read More ›


Darkness un-shown Cocoon my home No place to roam Alone In the lack of light Struggles and fights Through many unknown days and nights I had no idea that one day I would take flight To the highest of heights… Read More ›

New Beginning

Greeted by a flirtatious grin Assumed that the mind was closed but still admitted in Introduced to a heart and world that was once cold A beauty nevertheless to behold Yearning for righteous attention but too afraid to express Years… Read More ›


Have you ever sat still and felt Tingles BURSTING up your sternum, Choking you with surprise As the memory of that somebody Seeps into your mind? Do you blush at the thought of The touch he gave And the responding… Read More ›