Are We Done

With horror and war master king and lord dog eat dog for more race caste and class that leave some of us last religious righteous stand nation colored flags walls great and long boarders spiked with thorn history again and… Read More ›


Collide There is no music Just beauty Flowing peacefully out of you and me In the quiet darkness. Love like ours cannot again be harvested by anyone else. We are bodies plush The aroma of this love sifts through the… Read More ›

The Silver Kiss

Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root The Silver Kiss Thirty silver pieces A sinners ransom indeed Someone to lead us right to him is all that we need One of the twelve Bring him here to talk… Read More ›

Coming to Terms

Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes Coming to Terms Enigmatic are the garment of emotions she would wear Cut in on her spiritual dance if you dare Full of dreams and aspirations Temptation dwelling within the subconscious through… Read More ›

Sort of Free

Excerpt from Measuring For Balance by Author Demitri Tyler Sort of Free If you are well trained intellectually behaved we can subsidize your rainy days Give you adorable housing Provide you with new rags thick boned pockets to hold the… Read More ›

Long Walks

Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” Long Walks I want to take long walks In the park After dark Embraced for hours Claiming what’s ours Under the stars Sharing laughter and long talks Taking time to smell the flowers Leaving blueprints… Read More ›