A Discontented Soul

Excerpt from “Echoes And Consequences” A Discontented Soul The stroke of my extinction was the deep red scenario of torments My body and breath were utterly frozen The beating heart was trashed into fragments… My ignored blindfolded questions were searching… Read More ›

Behind My Anger

Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” Behind My Anger Behind my anger is the overwhelming desire to release the hurt, the bitterness, the resentment, the shame and the pain that I feel deep inside I’ve been mad for a long time!… Read More ›

Upside Down

  Upside Down Underneath the push and pull Polluted thoughts of right and wrong Society speaking its terms aloud Independents not a part of the crowd Dependent on the need to provide Education is what’s keeping you alive Darkened hopes… Read More ›

My Poem

Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” My Poem This is no poem A write of words Words of life I seek no meaning My thoughts I share. This is no poem You read these words Words of light You seek meaning… Read More ›

Coffee Eyes

Coffee Eyes Morning rotation Open eyes slowly Mind rolls in from dreams Thankful acknowledgement of being Looking into the wisdom of her heart I sip on those coffee eyes A little cream with two sugars for the right flavor Deep,… Read More ›

Living Light

Living Light Another cool day with gloomy sky The trees void of their leaves and color She walks as if in a daze of loneliness Eyes closed and peering through small slits Afraid to open her eyes or just not… Read More ›


Violin You Say – “The violin does not shed tears, But sings melodious songs”. On the day of my return From your native land Leaving you alone Prior to our separation You took out your violin And began to play…. Read More ›