Barren No More

Barren No More once a creek of bountiful flow though lacking the dew the evening mist too among the countless drying away endured in abundance snow-craving winters rain-thirsty springs long parched summers yearning in solemn unease a cloudburst then passed… Read More ›


Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” MJ You beat in my chest as I give over the rest of my imagination to fantasies of you… The truth of your innocence is sure. I cannot endure the thought that your person was,… Read More ›


Curiosity She is Rose A flower blossoming Invites me to pluck Its’ blend of colors Aroused my curiosity To see The lovely thing Hidden inside © Sunil Algama Published by Creative Talents Unleashed Meet the Author: I am Sunil Algama,… Read More ›


Rebound If you are to stand in salt water with an open wound, I will be right beside you. I do not possess the sweetest of words; I will not praise all that you do. But look around I will… Read More ›


Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” Peace For everyone who is hurting Lost anything Lost everything Lost another A significant other I will write a prayer for Peace across my heart for you For every orphan child You do not deserve… Read More ›

Shattered Pieces

Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” Shattered Pieces If you see our “parents”… Tell them that we “forgive” them, Tell them that we “love” them, Tell them that we “need” them, Tell them that we want to be “whole” again! Tell… Read More ›

Love Letters

Love Letters The genesis of innocence by happenstance Timid in the approach; shall we dance Time stood still in that moment Consequences were to soon come; how to atone for it? Years passed by with such regret Sent out letters… Read More ›

The Machine

Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” The Machine With closed eyes we walk straight lines Forgetting to open our eyes and dance in the intersections We have become a living machine Wandering through life looking for the connection Missing opportunities because… Read More ›

I’m Letting Go

Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” I’m Letting Go I’m letting go Of all past pain Things that have me hurting Trying to drive me insane Those who ridiculed me Beating me down Not letting me stand my ground Those who… Read More ›