The Black Fairy

One dark night on a partially eclipsed moon, Rustles in the mild breeze, Icy cold all around; Seen in a dream was a gorgeous chaos, Who flew me in the dead castle of eternal horror, Mesmerized me with the erotic… Read More ›


Missouri born. Indiana “state raised”. If you lived my life, you would be amazed That I’m not dead or on a life bit, ‘Cause my childhood taught me not to give a rip, And the years it took for me… Read More ›


Oh wretched man How is it that your heart beats So much anger in your veins And defilement that you eat And you wretched soul What is it that you seek You gnaw on me from the inside out And… Read More ›


My vision of you is blurred as the windows of your eyes are coated with an acid rain Do they burn from the deceit and the tyranny you have inflicted or are the tears merely from fear of your own… Read More ›

Silent Lessons

  If you had told me about the war I would have taken that over the silence Clutched each painful memory Braved the images of bodies’ torn apart of your innocence killed on arrival Yet part of me understands why… Read More ›


I won’t announce my arrival With the gong, you’ll know in your strand That the being is frank survival, I am a name, I am a brand, I’ve properly packaged myself, Into been to bottoms of the shelf And out,… Read More ›

II, Why Love?

Why is it that I love only to have nothing in the end? Maybe that is what’s wrong with me. If I didn’t love, my heart would still be beating instead of being ripped out of my chest. Who cares… Read More ›