When that train comes maybe you’re standing with your whole world in a bag When that train arrives maybe you’re the only bag they don’t grab When that train comes maybe the lights come on and heat floods the room… Read More ›


Every year bout this time A moment of honor comes about To which I must write this rhyme To the one man on earth I am most devout I call him dad But he’s so much more It was almost… Read More ›

Running Faucet

Spewing running out of control Can’t seem to stop it; it is taking its toll Drowned in the deceit and flooded by the truth Poisoned the tree; where is the good fruit Plot against the revolutionaries for breaking the silence… Read More ›


I am but a shadow Within the flicker Of your smile. I cannot fit Upon your sleeve. Although your heart May hold me Within its whimsical hands, It will not catch me When I fall. © Anne D. Salyer Excerpt… Read More ›

A Champion’s Heart

Dawns and Nights, life turns its pages; Morning starts with a new hope, equipped for all the grandest chases, Dedication-lit pristine glory and every solitary accolade, The mighty Sun symbolizes intensity in epic crusades Going through the different phases, We… Read More ›


Brighter your shine than all stars in the sky, Consistently fresh like the air of cream, Ever remembering how not to dream, Being for you – gift of flesh and bone so nigh, My little star, for your beauty I… Read More ›


Moulded & formed in flesh, bloodily & intricately boned, Drawn, drafted, designed & by God´s finger, finely honed, Or perhaps by the big bang, or could be by Darwin´s words, Maybe we once were Neanderthals, great apes or even birds…. Read More ›