Star Stuff

Sitting on the ashes of my former self, I am the phoenix risen from the flames of self-destruction. The avenger of all the mistakes I’ve made. Determination is all I possess. A heart full of pain and a soul emptied,… Read More ›


My ex-lover had some wicked ways She was a beast in bed for sure Our sexual encounters would last for days But her attitude I couldn’t endure © Damon E. Johnson Excerpt from the book “The Vineyard ~ Exploding Grapes”… Read More ›

The Tree

I am the tree That gives you shade From this life’s blinding sun. I will hold you Until my limbs are barren. Only then will I let you go. © Anne D. Salyer Excerpt from the book “A Treasures of… Read More ›

Unseen Scars

Fifteen years old, and all alone, I answered the door to a friend. He knew my family all my life, there was no reason to defend. He looked at me in anger, pure hatred on his face. Instantly afraid, I… Read More ›


Death has put many in debt another vile transaction to prey on the distraught with the need to immortalize the shell loved ones leave behind In mahogany caskets lined in silk dressed in Sunday’s best for the living to shed… Read More ›

The Great Change

It was only a little moment in history, Triggered off by a person Diminutive and ignoble, Bringing about a great storm of event To change the trend of the course Of our collective psychic forever. It would require No drumming… Read More ›

Damaged Goods

So now the thrill is gone Doped up, drugged up with death on the horizon; destination the twilight zone Piss poor, broke, and hopeless So in love with misery; Unscrupulous acts is what she commits Pacifying tactics while telling her… Read More ›