Here I am alive inside these tales that I tell. I’ve escaped from the prison and extinguished my hell. I began at the bottom of my life’s well, Seems I’ll climb forever, many times I have fell. Begin to claw… Read More ›


Stifled by unstable bile seeping into the veins of a vanishing world where ignorance breeds violence corruption extracts worth souls no longer fear Life is being disrespected day after day chaos the fuel to minds lost and hearts broken Human… Read More ›

Fatal Beauty

The meek and the feeble struggling to unearth that jewel In lands far away; it is being purchased by the average fool Deprived by lack of food and water A hard day’s work still couldn’t produce a quarter Fussing and… Read More ›

III, Tic Tock

The Clock is ticking and the darkness is rising. We are running out of time and our light is burning out. Take a breath; breathe in the air and savior this moment because it could be our last. We’re not… Read More ›

The Hippopotamus

Drink softly, drink, impala, drink, From this slow-running stream Bring out your sensitive tongue to tap on the stream And drink to compensate for Your thirstiness. No fear in them, No fear in you. Shake out the shackles That register… Read More ›