They are passing through This inland burble of water system again. It wasn’t unusual of them, siting On the tilting block of rock in which At one end the whole of our humanity is Slid down even its most kindly… Read More ›

Malefic Thirst

Shunning the sun, She becomes the night’s serenity; Riveting the desires by her rancorous elegance Having pulchritudinous tresses and sparking hazel eyes, She is one ferocious wanton with angelic severity…. From the dark misty nights to the first orange gleam;… Read More ›

All Used Up

I often think about how I’ll die A million how’s When’s Where’s And why’s And the life I have lived thus far Has not left me with quite enough scars I don’t want to die All pretty and put together… Read More ›

The Truth Is

The truth is…. I spent many years locked in a cage. From a very young age. My freedom was caved. I kept my face buried in a page. Reading through rage. Writing to be saved. I couldn’t explain The source… Read More ›


I close my eyes and think of you. A little boy, running free. Pretending to be happy, with not a care. Wanting to protect, you wipe away my tears. You try to be strong, and tell me it will be… Read More ›

Brick Walls

I watched when he flattened the crimson mortar under the windowsill of our brand new home, hands so steady as he carved horizontal and vertical lines to mimic a brick wall. This was as delicate as I saw them for… Read More ›

The Gods Look Down

Bloated hungered stomachs burst, As unquenched lands die of thirst, In the circle of life; what comes first? The new-born-babe or the corpse in its hearse? The Gods look down with knowing eyes, Jesus frowns & Buddha sadly sighs, The… Read More ›

The Unraveling

Reopening a wound that still seems so fresh The mind, body, and soul along with sanity still trying to mesh Wrong place and wrong time Caught in the crossfire at the scene of the crime Upbeat attitude deflated by false… Read More ›

Vacation In Mind

Reservation not required Just close your eyes Float to wherever you want to be Skies of blueness Water vastness Sun brightness Serendipitous destination Feeling light and airy Body motionless-spirit free All have been granted the option But few take the… Read More ›