Illumination Rays of light Cast away darkness Shadows departing As light penetrates the soul Illusions fall away To heightened consciousness Remembering my birth design I am the light . . . Illumination my birth right. © Raja Williams Excerpt from… Read More ›


Pre-Colonial I saved you when you were lost at sea My sea remember? Held you like an infant Carried you Treated you like a son Exchanged your foreign rags With gold silk buffalo fur Nursed you back to life Brought… Read More ›

My Inner Mind

My Inner Mind My mind is tripping, slipping, burning, yearning, screaming, tossing, turning and its going anywhere I can’t see. I am bleeding, dying, and I’m fading away into the dark abyss. I’m frightened what I might find within my… Read More ›

Between Worlds

Between Worlds Slipping through the lost mists of time, No-man´s-land, not here nor there, Tripping through dew-kissed herbs; cold feet bare, Delicately brushing sweet lavender, sage & thyme. Serenading bats, cobwebs kiss, The sweet moths whisper, & the raven beckons,… Read More ›


Who? Who am I, that you would die, To take away my sin? Who am I? But some dumb guy Who just keeps doing it over again Who am I? That you would buy This damaged sinner some a place?… Read More ›

No Sleep

No Sleep Walking the corridors of insomnia Searching for a place to rest To lay down and dream nothing Giving my body a chance to recharge From the draining of the day But sleep is hiding In a place with… Read More ›


Energy Metaphysical and everlasting, A cosmic primeval force; With pristine holiness and fire-lit countenance; Mother of every creation and mother of all mothers, You are the Goddess Supreme . . . Embodying the majestic feminine spirit of the Divine father… Read More ›

Flood Gate

Flood Gate This one time, I must have been about ten. I was walking down the street to the corner White Hen. This was in Racine, Wisconsin. We had just recently moved in. And this part of town wasn’t that… Read More ›