My Loving Guide

My Loving Guide We had spent the day fishing; lounging in lawn chairs by the river’s edge. A sunny and warm June day; filled with laughter and ‘remember me’ moments. The family gathered around the porch; brought together by disturbing… Read More ›


Avenged I smell victory near for I have toiled through forests of ogres and cowered among giants I let them dismember my intuition and cage my ambitions but no more will I hide in dark corners of corporate caverns My… Read More ›

Labeled to Identify

Labeled to Identify Before I check this box on this form you have chosen Before your demeanor change Before your nose lifts high Before unspoken custom establishes our divide Before my whole is made a partial again Before that old… Read More ›


Death The eagle called her name & she flew, To where Summer winds & sweet breezes blew, Donning the sky´s mantle of gentle blue, And bonnet of the sun´s golden hue, Just a footstep left in the morning dew, Away… Read More ›

The Dance

The Dance When they came to pick me to dance, Was when the drums began to beat!? When it was my turn to rejoice Was when it was right for me to celebrate!? The broom tackles the dusty ground, And… Read More ›

Speaking In Spirit

Speaking In Spirit Silent conversation as I gaze at the afternoon sky Gray and solemn which mirrors what I am feeling this moment Transition from flesh to spirit My brother has left Reach out but inward to memories, mind sight… Read More ›

Bad Investment

Bad Investment Hopes, aspirations, and dreams were sold Broken promises was what was told Heavily invested with the heart as currency All the eggs were in one basket; lost all of it both emotionally and physically Fatal missteps hinging on… Read More ›