Energy Metaphysical and everlasting, A cosmic primeval force; With pristine holiness and fire-lit countenance; Mother of every creation and mother of all mothers, You are the Goddess Supreme . . . Embodying the majestic feminine spirit of the Divine father… Read More ›

Flood Gate

Flood Gate This one time, I must have been about ten. I was walking down the street to the corner White Hen. This was in Racine, Wisconsin. We had just recently moved in. And this part of town wasn’t that… Read More ›

Food for Thought

Food for Thought Beef serves life in the slam noodles are shriveled and bagged the taste of syrup and bread bologna is fried lonely genetically preserved fruit bath dirty in a can These are things I know The cheese is… Read More ›

A Little Less Mortal

A Little Less Mortal Life changed in that one brief moment when darkness concealed memories when chaos camouflaged the pain His mind rattled like tectonic plates leaving membranes floating in a fluid of confusion with a tender Alzheimer’s he woke… Read More ›

New Nature

New Nature Growth all around Vegetation flows to nourishment A precise mixture to sustain life’s breath Hours move forward giving birth to moments that will reach toward the future Reduced to single strands of time Nature laws cannot be broken… Read More ›

The Third Eye

The Third Eye Aloft the accustomed sight, it is an undefined segment of arcane vision… Beyond any general perception, it is the Empowerment of inner spirit Farther than knowledge, it is a mystique virtue of knowing the unknowns, Leading the… Read More ›

Tears of Alone

Tears of Alone I wait. Just me and the moonlight. Wondering if you’re coming home. It’s late. The clock strikes two times. Still there is no ringing of the phone. That’s okay, babe. I’ve been there before. Pain is a… Read More ›