The Passing

The Passing The moon slipped behind the curtains & into the bedroom, She glided to the bed & bent over the sleeping form, She told the soul it was time to leave now, soon. The soul slipped off the mantel… Read More ›

Many Eyes

Many Eyes Many eyes on me Twinkling with harmless, invisible attraction. Effervescent eyes Giving off bubbles of desire. These eyes, some with almond shape, With a light shade blend under brow for highlight, Are sportive in how they look at… Read More ›

I Am Alive

I Am Alive You came to me in dreamtime, on three separate occasions. “I am still alive” lingered in my mind. Confusion set in, with each passing dream. Could it be? We never saw your body; the decayed shell that… Read More ›

Poker Face

Poker Face Holding most of the cards to determine one’s fate Water-boarding, interrogation, and brutality is what awaits at the gate Badgers and pigs running rampant throughout the street While genocidal acts abound and remaining discreet The republic is still… Read More ›

A Haleakala Sunrise

A Haleakala Sunrise There was nothing but whispers of fog before dawn kissed the mountain’s face and a silent frost of breath where craters rested The sun applied a delicate blush on the fading vapors to reveal an alien land… Read More ›

A Mystic Diva

A Mystic Diva At midst of the gloomy woods like a subtle flicker radiant in lush green with benevolent grace and pulchritudinous countenance You boost the hallucinations with the fire of your beauty… In the canopy of your glistening skin… Read More ›