Moving to Love

Moving to Love Ego wants to gorge itself with all the attention Irritation feeds from not being placed at the head Looking through the mindset mirror-the expectation is our reflection of the treatment we feel we give But the imaged… Read More ›


Fall Red leaves fallen upon the dock Wind released them from their branches And set them free in flight As mornings mist dances across the lake surface Eluding memories of summer’s splash Water temperatures now fallen The sun is ready… Read More ›

Slow Dance Me

Slow Dance Me My life on earth is near on done, so please, Slow dance me through the corridors of time, Through mists where the satin moths waltz, Tiptoe me through forests where Druids gather, Where I can hear the… Read More ›


Gangplank Between the side of the perforated boat and the thorny shore He firmly stands, staring so long as his mind can contain the turbulence of the tempest, Drifting to roll that he might hold Much longer In the awesome… Read More ›

Graveyard Friends

Graveyard Friends The little girl, with springy curls, tiptoes around the headstones. She whispers to the children, not caring they are bones. Ring around the rosy, all fall down with glee. She runs and plays for hours; ghostly children, she… Read More ›


Exit Love was the passenger in life’s back seat Needle to my soundtrack is stuck on repeat So many options to choose from; yet no one is willing to compete Bombarded with problems; I dare to be discreet Wandering about… Read More ›

A Moment of Loss

A Moment of Loss Stumble upon a puddle spotted alley Great place for a quick puff lighter spark Smoke anger drenched buildings standoff Here silence in between sky tints gray above Shadows creeping in graffiti like scared flesh Upon the… Read More ›

Tomorrow’s Song

Tomorrow’s Song As twilight begins The birds frolic in the air One last time They take flight And dance across the sky Singing the melody it will soon be night They swoop Circle and glide In the last of today’s… Read More ›