Tears Tears run down his grief stricken face And land on the ground of that isolated place A call out to his father if there were any other way The tears on the ground are there to stay The grief… Read More ›


Isolation Do not speak to me again. I will not hearken To what you say, Even how seductive You say them, or How ludicrous I feel them to be. For I am broken down, My composure shattered, Feeling the sorrow… Read More ›


Freedom The whirring sound of dialysis, brings hope to my saddened soul. Time stands still, while waiting for answers. Tiny hummingbirds fly outside your hospital window. Reminding me of your carefree days; filled with freedom of flight. Word comes in… Read More ›

Drifting Away

Drifting Away Building sandcastles that are on display Oblivious to it all remaining intoxicated all day Worshiping and paying homage to inanimate objects Running of the gossip mill, politics, religion, and sports amongst the many subjects Temptation seems to be… Read More ›