Tyler It’s been said, That there are angels among us. I’ve seen a few With mine own eyes. They are to us earthen creatures, As the dawn is to the dusk, And sunset is to sunrise. I’d like you to… Read More ›


Excerpt from “Poems Of Redemption” by Author Olawale Famodun Belief I can’t fail the peaks to assail, I can only spend moments of delay Gasping to catch the breath I will find, Snubbing the negatives and its kind. It may… Read More ›

Photo Booth

Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes Photo Booth Readying for a timeless image and self-pride Uncertainty setting in throughout this roller-coaster ride Preoccupied with heinous thoughts and self-doubt Questioning what this is all to do about Waiting for… Read More ›


Excerpt from Journey To The Poetic Light Flashback Bombs bursting inside my head Bright light from explosions closes my third eye Wounded and scarred with battles with the past Blinded to any future victory Fighting with myself-beating myself guilty Putting… Read More ›

A Man with Questions

Excerpt from Measuring For Balance by Author Demitri Tyler A Man with Questions Ever have that balled fist air Punching until it cracks like thunder make lightning flash silver strike sudden rip through a clear sky storm the world gray… Read More ›


Desire My mind body and spirit are connected to you I crave you like something sweet to eat Sex magic, tantra, and sacred sexuality, Ripple through my body like a strong current in a wave Desire flows through me, as… Read More ›

Plants on the Pool

Excerpt from “Poems Of Redemption” by Author Olawale Famodun Plants on the Pool I can only imagine One soft-stem plant That flowers with Petals of hazel, alders, and birch Which alone They reflect to the eyes, Swimming upon A gentle… Read More ›