Creative Talents Unleashed


Creative Talents Unleashed is a publishing group that offers an inspiring platform

for both new and seasoned writers to tap into and participate with. We offer daily

writing prompts and challenges to fuel the writer’s mind, a variety of writing tips,

and much more. We are honored to assist writer’s expand and grow in the journey

of becoming published authors.


               OUR WRITER REVIEWS

I have participated in a number of submissions by Creative Talents Unleashed & recently participated in their “Love Is A Four Lettered Word”, together with very talented poets which was a great honor for me. I would just like to say that in my past experiences in publishing I have never met a more professional group of people, really dynamic. They inform the writers all through the publishing process so that we know exactly what is happening in everything & even asking for our ideas on titles, cover art etc. They are pleasant to work with in such a friendly manner that it is a joy & pleasure to be part of what I consider a family. They are also discerning in the talent they select so that the standard is uniform, which I think is a very good move. I thank them for their time, professional integrity & interest.

~ Author Sue Lobo, The Last Dance

There is nothing more life changing than when souls meet to bare themselves. What better place to reveal yourself. This is a phenomenal platform to help uncover the creative talents among us…

Author Damon Johnson, The Vineyard “Exploding Grapes”

 It was a great honour to be selected for inclusion in the “Love” anthology alongside some extremely talented poets and writers, all of whom have contributed excellent works in a variety of creative voices. Thank you to Raja as well for all of the work she’s put into this project and seeing it come to fruition.

~ Steven Fortune, Editor-In-Chief of the English Department’s literary arts journal

It is a honour to see my work selected and published in Love a four letter word , the whole process has been very smooth and professional. Wonderful work by Raja and team, a wonderful platform for writers like me .Thank you so much for the opportunity..wishing you and team all the best..God bless… 

~ Author Jisha Viswanathan, Love A Four Letter Word

Creative Talents Unleashed published me in their anthology, Love, A Four Letter Word – in print and digital formats. The entire process was hassle free and the book came our in a couple of months. If you are looking to be published, this is definitely a place to consider.

~ Poovi Gothai, Assistant Professor of English in Bhaktavatsalam Memorial College for Women

This site has motivated me to write a book(s) and interact with other artists. Creative Talents Unleashed is a valuable resource that will inspire, aspire, and take you higher creatively. 

~ Author Lindsey Rhodes, CrossRhodes

Awesome opportunities to be found here and great help for the somewhat helpless writer.

~ Author Billy Charles Root, Pressing On

This site has helped me to push my abilities to there limits. So if your a writer, if writing is what you love, Creative Talents Unleashed will inspire you. 

~ Author Demitri Tyler, Measuring For Balance

Creative Talents Unleashed has a wonderful group of people, who have welcomed me into their poetic family. ♥

– Author Debra McLain, To Conquer Or Die Trying

Creative Talents Unleashed is a special place that is full of many talented and gifted writers from all over the world. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate with all of the wonderful contributing writers for CTU’s book, Unleashed…in which all of the proceeds of the book go to the Starving Artist Fund. This fund recently helped publish six authors and there’s more to come. Great job Raja, thanks for your heart and desire to help upcoming authors…I could only select five stars but you deserve a ten! Sending love and light, Stacey

– Author Stacey ‘Eloquently Speaking’ Lunsford 

The site gave me an opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, poets, soul mates. I could learn new ways of expressing myself in writing. If you are looking to be published, this is definitely a place to consider. Thank you Raja for a good word, help and support. Thank you for choosing my poems for Love Anthology.

– Author Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak, Love A Four Letter Word

Creative Talents Unleashed is the perfect site for writers to hone their skills. They are constantly posting tips, photos and inspiration calls to keep writers motivated to write. It has helped my writing tremendously!

– Author Donna J. Sanders, Ataraxia

I’m so grateful I’ve found Creative Talents Unleashed and it’s a privelege to be a part of this network. Creative Talents Unleashed is a great source for writers to get inspiration, fuel to creativity, encouragement and wonderful writing tips.

– Mariane Kvist Doktor, Writer

Creative Talents Unleashed , a paradise of intellectuals ; an essence of excellence, an ocean of innovation , a sensation of motivation , and .. a collection of daily verbal inventions .

– Author Hrishikesh Padhye, Echoes And Consequences

A great place to look,and see,and feel what written words can be. Inspires us to open what is in our minds onto the world. And clears our paths to writing the very best. I have been waiting for this place to exist from outside of my own imagination, an now it is here, I’m so glad to have found it. And my writing begins as I’m writing this now. Thank you for helping me to be what writers all wish to become. Read by all. And acknowledged by our works. As I read the words story’s poems,and works by others.

– Edy Kolpack, Writer




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Our Writing Groups:

The Writers Connection
We opened up this group to have more flexibility in sharing. You are now able to advertise your book, share blogs, events, anything writing related is permitted to be shared here, with no rules and regulations. Take advantage of this group, and be sure to share your book and writing here as often as you want!

Creative Talents Unleashed “Writers Group”
This group is for the serious writer, and does have rules and regulations. However, we are working hard at creating a group that supports one another and interacts with its members. Feel free to utilize this group, and interact with some fantastic writers.


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  1. Fuel for inspiration, sources for information,and enriched writings that move you better than U-haul”


  2. Creative Talents Unleashed~ has opened up an inspiration of more creative ideas for me! I’ve learned so many new tips, lessons on form, scents in thoughts to express more than what I had limited myself. I feel at home there! Welcome To Our Home! ShihiVenus 😊


  3. It was here I found a mind similar to mine, where I had many profound discussions that was so in tune with my own thoughts, which gave my soul a riveting affect. That keeps conversations endless in interest.

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  4. Cardiff city
    Swansea city
    Pretty shitty city lol


  5. Dear Raja,

    What would I need to do to publish a chapbook or collection of poetry through CTU?

    Jackie Chou



  1. City of the World now available to purchase | Let it come from the heart
  2. Creative Talents Unleashed | The Salamander Chronicles – Don Beukes

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