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“Together let’s Unleash our Creative Talents and share them with the world” – Raja Williams

Creative Talents Unleashed is an independent publishing group that offers writers an opportunity to share their writing talents with the world. We are committed to fostering and honoring the work of writers from every culture.

We are a community of poets promising to treat each other with honesty, respect, and creative encouragement. We will handle your poetry manuscript with the respect and care it deserves and together we will create a beautiful representation of your words for the literary world to read.

Anthologies Published by Creative Talents Unleashed

100% of all proceeds from our anthology books are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Purchasing these books can help a writer become a published author!

the-art              bookcoverpreview-do-1                   poetic-melodies

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Divided Lines              Writing Tips Volume 1                  Shades of the Same Skin Cover

Purchase Here                          Purchase Here                                 Purchase Here

Unleashed Front Cover           https://rajasinsight.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/divided-lines.jpg                Down The

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I Have a Name          Cupid's Arrow            microAGGRESSION

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Fire and Ice            Essential Existentialism         Naughty nuts and olts

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Anthologies can be purchased here: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/anthologies.html

Our Authors and Books


Author: A.M. Torres

Poetry Book: Turmoil

About the Author: Meet A.M. Torres

Author Interview: A.M. Torres

Author: Adam Levon Brown

Poetry Book: Musings of a Madman

Poetry Book: Cadence of Cupid

Review: Reader’s Favorite Review – Musings Of A Madman

About Author: Interview with Adam Levon Brown “Musings of a Madman”

February  2017 Poet of the Month: Adam Levon Brown

Allison Grayhurst

Author: Allison Grayhurst

Poetry Book: Trial and Witness – Selected Poems

About Author: Meet Allison Grayhurst

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/Trial-Witness

Amanda Hoppes Profile

Author: Amanda Hoppes

Poetry Book: From Midnight To Moonlight

Kindle Download:  www.amazon.com/Midnight-Moonlight

About Author: Meet Amanda Hoppes

Author Interview: Amanda Hoppes


 Author: Angela Bertoli

Poetry Book: Moonlit Thoughts

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/Moonlit-Thoughts

About Author: Meet Angela M. Bertoli

Pushcart Prize Nominee: CTU Press Release

Ann Salyer

Author: Anne D. Salyer

Poetry Book: A Treasure of Seashells

About Author: Author Interview with Anne D. Salyer

Bevan Boggenpoel

Author: Bevan Boggenpoel

Poetry Book: Confessions in Ink

About Author: Meet Bevan Boggenpoel

Author Interview: Bevan Boggenpoel

profile pic

Author: Billy Charles Root

Poetry Book: Pressing On

Poetry Book: The Hyde I Hide

About Author: Announcing New Author: Billy Charles Root


Author: Brenda-Lee Ranta

Poetry Book: Myriad of Perceptions

Poetry Book: Allegories A Thirst for Connection

Poetry Book: Heart Sounds

Authobiograpghy: A Soul Passenger

Book Review: Reeaders’ Favorite – Allegories

Book Review: Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “A Soul Passenger”

About Author: Meet Brenda-Lee Ranta

Author Interview: Brenda-Lee Ranta

Pushcart Prize Nominee: CTU Press Release: Pushcart Prize Nominees 2017

Candace MeredithAuthor: Candace Meredith

Poetry Book: Contemplation ~ Imagery, Sound & Form in Lyricism

Novelle Collection: Losing You

Fiction Book: Winter Solstice

About Author: Meet Candace Meredith


Author: Christopher Allen Breidinger

Poetry Book: The Church of Poetry

Poetry Book: Divine Business

Poetry Book: Truths, Treasures, and Golden Pleasures

Poetry Book: Myths, Methods, and Golden Messages

Poetry Book: Scenes, Dreams, and Golden Schemes

About Author: Meet American Poet: Christopher Allen Breidinger

Author Interview: Christopher Allen Breidinger

D.B. Hall

Author: D.B. Hall

Poetry Book: Pebbles in the Stream

About Author: Meet D.B. Hall

Anthology Feature: Shades of the Same Skin: David Hall

Author Interview: D.B. Hall

Pushcart Prize Nominee: CTU Press Release: Pushcart Prize Nominees 201

DahAuthor: Dah

Poetry Book: The OpeningThe Opening

About the Author: Meet Dah


Author: Damon E. Johnson

Poetry Book: Forbidden Fruit

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/Forbidden-Fruit

Poetry Book: The Vineyard ~ Exploding Grapes

Kindle Download:www.amazon.com/Vineyard-Exploding-Grapes

Poetry Book: Rhythm In My Blues

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/Rhythm-My-Blues

Poetry Book: Addiction

About Author: Meet Damon E. Johnson

Author Interview: Damon E. Johnson

Book Review: Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “Forbidden Fruit”

Daryl Hall

Author: Daryl P. Hall

Poetry Book: Lifelines for the Soul

About Author: Meet Daryl P. Hall

Author Interview: Daryl P. Hall

Debra McLain

Author: Debra McLain

Poetry Book: Silhouettes of My Soul

Poetry Book: To Conquer Or Die Trying

Author Interview: Debra McLain


Author: Demitri Tyler

Poetry Book: Measuring For Balance

Review: Five * * * * * Review

don-beukes Author: Don Beukes

Poetry Book: The Salamander Chronicles

About Author: Meet Don Beukes

Author Interview: Don Beukes

Review: The Salamander Chronicles

Donna J Sanders

Author: Donna J. Sanders

Poetry Book: Charcoal Kisses

Poetry Book: Devour Me

Poetry Book: Cardboard Signs

Poetry Book: Ataraxia

About Author: Meet Donna J. Sanders

Author Interview: Donna J. Sanders


Author: Elizabeth Diane Daniel

Poetry Book: Diary of a Poet

Kindle Download: Diary-Poet-Elizabeth-Daniel-ebook

Poetry Book: Depths of The Soul

About Author: Meet Elizabeth Daniel

Author Interview: Elizabeth Daniel

Book Review: Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “Diary of a Poet”

Author Photo

Author: Estrella Trevino

Poetry Book: My Heartbeat

About Author: Meet Estrella Trevino

Glenda Higgins

Author: Glenda Higgins

Poetry Book: Poetry In Motion

Kindle Download: Poetry-Motion-call-fellow-poet-ebook

About Author: Meet Glenda Higgins

Author Interview: Glenda Higgins


Author: Hannah Allen

Poetry Book: A New City

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/New-City

About  Author: Meet Hannah Allen

Author Interview: Hannah Allen


Author: Hrishikesh Padhye

Poetry Book: Echoes and Consequences

Author Interview: Hrishikesh Padhye

Review: Echoes and Consequences Book Review

HughAuthor: Hugh Dysart

Poetry Book: Torn Poems

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/Torn-Poems-Hugh-Dysart-ebook

Poetry Book: Sinner’s Road

About the Author: Meet Hugh Dysart

Author Interview: Hugh Dysart Interview

Book Review: Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “Torn Poems”

Book Review:  Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “Sinner’s Road”


Author: Isaiah Barber

Poetry Book: Path to Serenity

About Author: Isaiah Barber

Jaz WAuthor: Jaz

Poetry Book: Serenading Flowers

Kindle Download: Serenading-Flowers-Book-Dedications-Jaz-ebook

About Author: Meet Jaz

Jeff Oliver Author: Jeff Oliver

Poetry Book: Strange Sounds

About Author: Meet Jeff Oliver

J MartinAuthor: Jeffery Martin

Motivational Book: Jus Sayin’

Poetry Book: Weapon of Choice

Poetry Book: Storage Chamber

About Author: Meet Jeffery Martin

Author Interview: Jeffery Martin

Pushcart Prize Nominee: CTU Press Release: Pushcart Prize Nominees 2017

2Author: Jill N. Pontiere

Poetry Book: Lost and Found

About Author: Meet Jill N. Pontiere


Author: Joanna Maharis

Poetry Book: Behind The Eyes Of Paradise

About Author: Meet Joanna Maharis

Author Interview: Joanna Maharis


Author: Jody Austin

Poetry Book: This Is My Pen

About Author: Meet Jody Austin

Pushcart Prize Nominee: CTU Press Release


Author: Justin R. Hart

Poetry Book: The Dawn Of Pondering Passions

About Author: Meet Justin R. Hart

Author Interview: Justin R. Hart

Keith Author: Keith Forsythe

Poetry Book: Affection After Affliction

About Author: Keith Forsythe


Author: Ken Allan Dronsfield

Poetry Book: The Cellaring

About Author: Meet Ken Allan Dronsfield

Author Interview: Ken Allan Dronsfield

Review: 5 Star Review from Realistic Poetry

16797883_740202076158170_3350406013219101455_o Author: Kesau’c N. Hill

Poetry Book: Serengeti Noise

About the Author: Meet Kesau’c N. Hill

Author Interview: Kesau’c N. Hill


Author: Kristina Neal Mosley

Poetry Book: Saltwater on My knees

About Author: Meet Kristina Neal Mosley

Pushcart Prize Nominee: CTU Press Release


Author: L.J. Diaz

Poetry Book: Catching Snowflakes

About Author: Meet L.J. Diaz

Review:  Readers Favorite Review

Laura Clark Picture

Author: Laura Marie Clark

Poetry Book: City Of The World

About Author: Meet Laura Marie Clark

Author Interview: Laura Marie Clark


Author: Leon Pryce

Poetry Book: Immortalized Through Poetry

About Author: Meet Leon Pryce

Author Interview: Leon Pryce


Author: Lindsey Rhodes

Poetry Book: My Soul Wanders

Poetry Book: CrossRhodes

About Author: Unleashed – Lindsey F. Rhodes

Author Interview: Lindsey F. Rhodes

Liz NewmanAuthor: Liz Newman

Poetry Book: Hope Between Heartbeats

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/Hope-Between-Heartbeats-Liz-Newman-ebook

About Author: Meet Liz Newman

Pushcart Prize Nominee: CTU Press Release: Pushcart Prize Nominees 2017

Book Review: Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “Hope Between Heartbeats”


Author: Lyne Beringer

Poetry Book: Alaskan Vogue poetry from the land of ice and shadows

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/Alaskan-Vogue

About Author: Meet Lyne Beringer

Author Interview: Lyne Beringer

April 2017 Poet of the Month: Lyne Beringer


Author: Maggie Mae

Poetry Book: From The Moon To The Sea

Kindle Download: Moon-Sea-Maggie-Mae-ebook

About Author: Meet Maggie Mae

Author Interview: Maggie Mae


Author: Mark Andrew Heathcote

Poetry Book: In Perpetuity

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/dp/B01J2VW1WM

Poetry Book: Back on Earth

About Author: Meet Mark Andrew Heathcote

Author Interview: Mark Andrew Heathcote

May 2017 Poet of the Month: Mark Andrew Heathcote

Book Review: In Perpetuity 5 Star Review from Realistic Poetry International

Book Review: Back on Earth 5 Star Review from Realistic Poetry International


Author: Markus Fleishmann

Poetry Book: A Tome of Musings

Poetry Book: A Stained Glass Heart

About Author: Meet Markus Fleischmann

Author Interview: Markus Fleischmann

Review: Readers Favorite Review

March 2017 Poet of the Month: Markus Fleischmann

Book Review: A Tome of Musings 5 Star Review from Realistic Poetry International

Nathan Holloway

Author: Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

Poetry Book: Journey To The Poetic Light

Poetry Book: Life Between The Words

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/Journey-Poetic-Light

About Author: Meet Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

Author Interview: Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

June 2017 Poet of the Month: Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

Book Review: Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “Life Between The Words”


Author: Olawale Famodun

Poetry Book: Poems of Redemption

About Author: Introducing Olawale Famodun

Author Interview:Olawale Famodun


Author: Philip Elliott

Contemporary Literature Book: Dreaming in Starlight

Kindle Download:www.amazon.com/dp/B06XJCG48J

About Author: Meet Philip Elliott

Piero Author:  Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla

Poetry Book: Poems of Provocative Motivation

About Author: Meet Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla


Author: Raja Williams

Poetry Book: Imprints In The Sand

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017EG7TO2

About Author: The Heart and Soul of Creative Talents Unleashed

Review: Readers Favorite Review


Author: Ryan Vallee

Poetry Book: Off The Leash

About Author: Meet Ryan Vallee

Author Interview: Ryan Vallee

Sandra KramerAuthor: Sandra Lyon Kramer

Poetry Book: The Only Words My Soul Knows

About Author: Meet Sandra Lyon Kramer

Pushcart Prize Nominee: CTU Press Release: Pushcart Prize Nominees 2017

Sarah Lamar King

Author: Sarah Lamar King

Poetry Book: My North Star Misled Me

Review: Readers’ Favorite – My North Star Misled Me

Kindle Download: My North Star Misled Me

Poetry Book: Melancholy’s Autograph

Kindle Download: Melancholy’s Autograph

About Author: Meet Poet Sarah Lamar King

Author Interview: Sarah Lamar King

Book Review: Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “Melancholy’s Autograph”

ElleAuthor: Shantelle “Elle” McLin

Poetry Book: Beyond Nursery Rhymes; Real Life Tales

About Author: Meet Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin

Pushcart Prize Nominee: CTU Press Release: Pushcart Prize Nominees 2017

Seated (Visions of Verse)

Author: Scott Thomas Outlar

Poetry Book: Happy Hour Hallelujah

About Author: Meet Scott Thomas Outlar

Pushcart Prize Nominee: CTU Press Release

Susan E. Birch

Author: Susan E. Birch

Poetry Book: Ancient Whispers

About Author: Meet Susan E. Birch

Susannah WhiteAuthor:  Susannah White

Poetry Book: Where the Soul Wanders

About Author: Meet Susannah White

Sue Lobo

Author: Sue Lobo

Poetry Book: I Am Woman

Poetry Book: Wild Whisperings

Poetry Book: The Last Dance

About Author: Author Sue Lobo – A Rare Breed

Author Interview: Sue Lobo


Author: Tammy S. Thomas

Poetry Book: Emotional Soul of a Poetess

About Author: Meet Tammy S. Thomas

Author Interview: Tammy Thomas


Author: Tamsen Grace

Poetry Book: Skeletons in My Closet

Poetry Book: Dismantling Cinderella

Book Review: Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “Dismantling Cinderella”

About Author: Meet Tamsen Grace

Tiffany SimoneAuthor: Tiffany Simone

Poetry Book: Butterflies & Skin

About Author: Meet Tiffany Simone

Tony Haynes

Author: Tony Haynes

Poetry Book: Throwing a Dart Through The Heart of Tradition

About Author: Meet Tony Haynes

Author Interview: Tony Haynes

1da7b37412cfeb530a3855fa81ee7436Author: Tracy Seiden

Poetry Book: Moon Kissed Musings

Kindle Download: Moon-Kissed-Musings-Tracy-Seiden-ebook

Poetry Book: Stardust and Fire – Tales of a Hopeful Romantic

Kindle Download: Stardust-Fire-Tales-Hopeful-Romantic-ebook

About Author: Meet Tracy Seiden

Author Interview: Tracy Seiden

Review: Readers Favorite Review


Author: Urban Truth

Poetry Book: Urban Gnosticism – poet to an apostle of self

About Author: Meet Urban Truth

Veronica Author: Veronica Thornton

Poetry Book: Universal Colloquies Inside of Me

Kindle Download:www.amazon.com/Universal-Colloquies-Inside

About Author: Meet Veronica Thornton

Author Interview: Veronica Thornton

Review: Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review

William Wright Author: William Wright, Jr.

Poetry Book:The Slums of Nightfall

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/Slums-Nightfall-William-Wright-Jr-ebook

Poetry Book: Rhythms of the Eternal Uprising

Kindle Download: www.amazon.com/Rhythms-Eternal-Uprising-William-Wright-ebook

About Author:Meet William Wright, Jr.

Author Interview: William Wright, Jr.

Book Review: Five Star Readers’ Favorite Review “The Slums of Nightfall”

 New Authors Coming Soon!!


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