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We  offer anthology publications, a chance for authors to have a voice in the literary world yearly. All Open Submission Projects will always be listed here, please follow submission guidelines. We never charge a fee to participate in our publications.

Guidelines For All Anthology Submissions

Anthology Submission Guidelines

Email Submission to:
Subject Line: Please Use Title of Anthology/Your Name

Note: Sometimes we run more than 1 anthology submission, if the title of the anthology is not in the subject line your submission will be rejected.

Submit in 1 Word Document

3 Pieces per Entrant (No more than 2 pages per poem length)
At top of page please provide  all Contact Information
Font: Times New Roman 12 PT
Underline your Titles
Single Spaced without Indents
Work in ALL CAPS will not be accepted.
Include your Name at bottom of each Poem
You may include 1 Web Link with your work (please place below your name)

  • Your entry receipt will be verified by an automated email response.
  • Please adhere to these guidelines explicitly, there will be no further private communications.
  • Any entries that do not comply with these simple guidelines will not be accepted.
  • Only 3 Pieces per Entrant – in one email please
  • You will only receive contact from us if your are chosen as a participant in this anthology.
  • Failure to follow guidelines will cause your submitted work to be rejected.



Disclaimer: When you submit your work for inclusion in this anthology you are granting Creative Talents Unleashed and its affiliates use of your work Royalty-Free in connection to this offering and promotional services. Author retains all rights to his/her work.

  Open Submissions

Down the Rabbit Hole

Now Accepting Poetry Submissions for our next anthology “Down the Rabbit Hole” Please read the Foreword for Anthology so you understand what types of poetry will fit this publication. Accepting 3 pieces. Please use standard anthology submission guidelines posted above.

Submissions Open From April 9th, 2017 till May 25th, 2017 – NOW OPEN

Down The

As poets what do we write? Are we ever completely free with our pen? Are you caught in a loop of a certain type of poetry or maybe you are experiencing writer’s block?  Here is an excellent opportunity to change up your routine, throw a creative curveball, paint with reckless abandon until your ink has filled the page.  Creative Talents Unleashed is providing an opportunity to cut loose and let your pen be creatively free with this “Down the Rabbit Hole” anthology.

Remember those wonderful movies of yesteryear that had that delightful wackiness about them, well let’s get wacky!  Dive down the Rabbit Hole, travel down the Yellow Brick Road, explore the Chocolate Factory, escape to Neverland, eat Green Eggs and Ham for a midnight snack,

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

Poems based off:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • Peter Pan
  • Zeus
  • Poems that make us laugh

Explore your funny wacky humorous side.  Be Captain Jack Sparrow with a pen and let your pen have swagger!  Write poems that end with a twist.  Be devious. Be spontaneous. Be fun!

microAGGRESSION: Then & Now

microAGGRESSIONCurrently accepting written submissions (poetry, essay, journal entry, short story, thought pieces) for our 1st anthology “microAGGRESSION: Then & Now”. The Foreword will provide you with additional insight into what will fit this publication. Accepting three pieces. Reference the standard anthology submission guidelines posted above.

Submissions Open From February 10th – May 1st, 2017 – NOW OPEN

Tolerance. Insensitivity. Intolerance. Over-sensitivity.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

  • Ever felt insulted and injured by something a person did or said to you, but didn’t know if that person was conscious of what they had done to you?
  • What about backhanded compliments that are made by friends, co-workers, family members or even strangers? How are you affected by slights and backhanded compliments — long term and short term?
  • Define what microaggression is TO YOU. Breakdown the word. Attach a meaning that is personal or universal according to your vantage point.
  • Microaggressive behavior leads to what? Explore the provactions, both real and imagined.
  • Is microaggression even real to begin with? When did it start? When will it end?  Or will it simply fade to black with the invention of a new word that holds a similar definition?

Foreword . . .

Balance is key in understanding the impact of Microaggression or, depending on your viewpoint, the lack thereof. Does it affect you, personally? Does it affect somebody you love? Is it real? Is it cultural? Or is it just some fancy “new” term used to further complicate how people communicate with one another. Should it be ignored, or highlighted and explored? Is it worth your time? The purpose of this anthology on the subject of Microaggression is to explore its ceiling from the surface and below. This book, “Then & Now”, will serve as a manual on this topic and more importantly, inspire generations to take a closer look at the layers of human communication that go unspoken for time and time again.

Poetic Shadows: The Ink and the Sword

Now Accepting Poetry Submissions for our next anthology “Poetic Shadows: The Ink and the Sword” Please read  Foreword for Anthology so you understand what types of poetry will fit this publication. Accepting 3 pieces. Please use standard anthology submission guidelines posted above.

Submissions Open From October 5th, 2016 till November 5th 2016 – CLOSED

Dreams visit us in both nightly and daily visions. The theme of this book is to delve into those dreams of fantasy genre and make them come alive on paper. Let us soar with each other among these upcoming pages, let us travel through portals of time and riddle each other eloquently with court jesters or cheer with the crowd during joust with knights. So, my fellow poets and poetesses, sprinkle fairy dusts in your inkwells and let your quills dance magically upon the pages for I call upon thee to submit your poetry for our next anthology “Poetic Shadows: The Ink and the Sword”

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

• Unique creatures walking and talking in a magical, light-hearted fairyland.

• Earth shattering battles where heroes rise and fall are defined by the glorious evil swirling in the darkness of the villains.

• Witches’ brewing spells in deep dark woods to cast upon unsuspecting wayfarers, knights, dungeons and daring escapes.

• Elvin parties in mythical places full of mischievous pranks and ancient beauty.

• Bring your own style and secret sauce to the table and blow us away!

the-artForeword . . .

Thanks to poets and word-weavers such as these, and books such as this, I am incredibly lucky that my reality is shadowed with wonder and fantasy, brimming with adventure and mystery. Too many of us are warriors, fighting our own silent battles with the thought of victory salting our eyes and bringing hope to our battered hearts.

My body has never experienced the grueling determination of a joust, but my heart and mind know all too well the cheers of an excited crowd as my lance perfectly hits the target, knocking my opponent from his horse. And I should probably mention that I’ve never sat upon a horse. In fact, I’m terrified of them. I’ve never held a sword in my hands but somehow I know the Siberian and unyielding steel of Excalibur.

I like to think we all possess a touch of fantasy, to some degree. Perhaps our whimsical ways and strange fancies are what make us so very human. We all need to escape from time to time. One of my favorite things to do is to search for rabbit holes and dive right in, feet first, eyes wide open.

Try to imagine a world without fairy tales, imagine a world bereft of magic. What would become of a tender-hearted child’s bedtime story? What would happen to the Peter Pan in all of us? Where would the dreamers, the star-child, breathe?

I need magic. You need magic. The world needs magic. . .  Continued in book.

L.J. Diaz, Author of Catching Snowflakes


Imperfect Paths

Now Accepting Poetry Submissions for our next anthology “Imperfect Paths” Please read  Foreword for Anthology so you understand what types of poetry will fit this publication. Accepting 3 pieces. Please use standard anthology submission guidelines posted above.

Submissions Open From July 4th, 2016 till August 8th 2016 – NOW CLOSED

We are flawed beings with imperfect paths. The theme of this book is to tell us about your journey or of someone you know. To share with the audience how to overcome the obstacles of the battles they may be facing. How to turn a negative event into a positive one.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

  •  The kind of trials you or someone you know have faced and how to overcome them? – abuse, a failed marriage, a blended family, betrayal by friends, losing faith.
  •  From your own experience, talk about the insecurities we face? How do we fix them? How do we live a normal life with these entities?  – Self-esteem, courage, social anxiety, body image.
  •  Any life changing events? What do we learn when they happen? How do we avoid letting them break us? – a car accident, disease, unexpected children, loss in the family.

bookcoverpreview-do-1 Foreword . . .

How many people can say they have not walked on rough terrain to get to where they are today? Most of us have been bruised and beaten to find out who we really are within; to find joy in this life we have been given. We are flawed beings with imperfect paths, and those turbulent journeys can either make us or break us.

It is easy to blame our past wrongs, the people who have tarnished our trust, and the bad bets the world throws at us. But we still hold the power to make a choice to become better than the humans who hurt us; to be the voice of change by learning from the experiences which have attempted to break us. Along the many roads traveled, the decisions we make will determine who we are to become.

Take a moment to walk in another’s shoes. The poets here have opened their Pandora’s Box, not to release the personal demons that taunt or once to keep them confined, but to share how to sever the weights one is shackled to.



Introducing: Imperfect Paths

Imperfect Paths Anthology

Poetic Melodies  

Now Accepting Poetry Submissions for our next anthology “Poetic Melodies” Please read  Preface for Anthology so you understand what types of poetry will fit this publication. Accepting 3 pieces. Please use standard anthology submission guidelines posted. 

Submissions Open From April 13, 2016 till May 15th 2016 – NOW CLOSED

13153508_10154206541129851_2061679575_nAnthology Preface:

There is a human language that encompasses the globe, regardless of race, color, creed or country. Much the same way as laughter or tears, or any of our human emotions. When we see someone laugh, there is a universal language that is communicated by all of us. We know they are happy. Just as when we see someone crying, it is generally accepted to mean they are, most likely, sad. However, the language I am referring to goes beyond the sight of emotions, and runs deeper than the tear streaked lines of a sad face. I am speaking of a language that can penetrate to the deepest depths of the human psyche, it can be felt in the beating of our hearts and it can leave us soaring among our dreams.

  This universal language is music.

  Upon these waves of sound we can find our spirits lifted to the heavens, we can feel the beats and the rhythms in our beings and we are moved by the vibrations. We may become lost in a memory or a moment of time may be singled out by the distinct patterns and oscillations of a melody. We may gather by the thousands to listen to this music together or we may be alone in our rooms, or be dancing with our friends or  cuddling with our love, but the universal language of music expands human communication beyond the normal realm. It propels us into the wavelengths of our souls, and it is there that we become in tune, we find our harmonies, and we recognize that there is a true power in music.

 The poetry included in this book seeks to capture that essence and tap into that power. These are the lines of communication opened and inspired by the universal language called music.

Christopher Allen Breidinger, Author


Introducing Poetic Melodies

Poetic Melodies Anthology

Shades of the Same Skin

Now Accepting Poetry Submissions for our next anthology “Shades of the Same Skin”

Submissions Open January 25, 2016 till February 29th 2016 – NOW CLOSED

Shades of the Same Skin Cover

Shades of the Same Skin will be an anthology of culture. In this book, there is no limit to culture and it will not be defined by being from an exotic place in the world.

If you were born and raised in California or New York, share your life and experiences there if it is all you have ever known. If you have researched your ancestry and tracked down your native roots, share that part of your history. If you are an immigrant, tell about your journey and how it has changed you. If you live in paradise, on frozen tundras or desert lands, write about why you chose that place or how you and your family ended up there. You could indulge in your past or present. The possibilities are endless with this one. This book is about diversity and unity; to give the world a taste of the humans we are.

For this anthology, each participant will be allotted 4 pages:

1 Biography page with author photo &
pick 3 of the following (length 1 page each):
• 1 poem
• 1 short story
• 1 recipe
• 1 cultural photo with insight about photo

(You can do 2 poems & 1 recipe – or 2 stories & 1 cultural photo – or 1 poem, 1 recipe & 1 cultural photo. Just make sure you highlight your writing skills in at least 1 poem or short story)

Biography: This will be a little different than your usual author biography. Delve into the culture that made you who you are today. How does it influence the way you live? How you write? How do you plan on using it to inform or change the world? You have this moment to share with the audience a different side of you – so make it great! (include the country, city and/or state where you currently live, your homeland, and the ancestry you plan to share)

Poems: Describe a hometown, a favorite beach or a mountainside where you grew up. What smells do you remember from your grandmother’s kitchen while she was cooking traditional foods? What kind of holidays and festivals are celebrated where you came from or where you live now? This is an opportunity to give the reader a taste of somewhere they may have never been.

Short Story: Do you have a funny story to tell from a childhood encounter? Explain life working in a cornfield in Nebraska or living in the wilderness in Canada. What island folktales do you remember hearing or are still being shared today? What are some of the more unusual things your people eat and what are your experiences with them? (Think Andrew Zimmern on “Bizarre Foods”) Make the story funny or informative; share a tale you think someone who doesn’t know you or where you came from, will enjoy.

Recipes: Does your mom make the best Shepard’s Pie? Is there a weird food combination you loved as a kid that you still eat today? Do you make a dish that blends more than one culture? Share a favorite recipe that has been passed down for generations or one of your own. (Make sure to include specific measurements and directions.)

Cultural Photos: Do you have a costume on display from a Brazilian carnival? Maybe you have a collection of Russian nesting dolls or wooden carvings from Africa. How about a decorative hand held fan from Spain? Share a picture of something in your house and describe what it is and what it means to you. (photo will be printed black and white so make sure focus and lighting is appropriate to see details)


Published Book:

Introducing Shades of the Same Skin:

Shades of the Same Skin Anthology

Divided Lines – A Poets Stance

Now Accepting Poetry Submissions for our next anthology “Divided Lines” Please read  Foreword for Anthology so you understand what types of writing will fit this publication.  Please use standard anthology submission guidelines posted. 

Submissions Open From April 25, 2015 till May 30th 2015 – NOW CLOSED

Divided Lines Anthology Foreword . . .

In a world of ever increasing advances seemingly created to make our lives easier to manage, envisioned to bring us together, to draw us closer, we are still in many instances isolated and at odds and validly apart. Something is missing, there is a snag, a rip, a hole in the spiritual fabric that we all see; yet we continue to fail to address.

 It has been said by self-proclaimed philosophers, theologians, scholars’ and politicians that the abuse of words can be a danger, there are those that believe words are a leading factor in what ills our society. Of this we do not deny in full, there have been abuses, history is but a melody to that fact, yet it is also true that words have the innate capacity to bridge, to heal that which divides.

 Opinions, views, religions, nations, people, even love divides. The focus of this book and the poets here in, is to give breath to a wide range of issues both small and controversial that lie beneath the surface. Things that we are often hesitant to discuss. In saying that, I will offer that the role of a poet is not to persuade or to add more rhetoric to the static we hear. A poet’s responsibility is to shine the light of awareness, to create a platform for dialogue, for healing, to gather up the images in an attempt to understand what we see.

Demitri Tyler, Author


Published Book:

Introducing Divided Lines – A Poet’s Stance

Divided Lines – A Poet’s Stance Anthology

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