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We  offer anthology publications, a chance for authors to have a voice in the literary world yearly. All Open Submission Projects will always be listed here, please follow submission guidelines. We never charge a fee to participate in our publications.

Guidelines For All Anthology Submissions

Anthology Submission Guidelines

Email Submission to:
Subject Line: Please Use Title of Anthology/Your Name

Note: Sometimes we run more than 1 anthology submission, if the title of the anthology is not in the subject line your submission will be rejected.

Submit in 1 Word Document

3 Pieces per Entrant (No more than 2 pages per poem length)
At top of page please provide  all Contact Information
Font: Times New Roman 12 PT
Underline your Titles
Single Spaced without Indents
Work in ALL CAPS will not be accepted.
Include your Name at bottom of each Poem
You may include 1 Web Link with your work (please place below your name)

  • Your entry receipt “should” be verified by an automated email response.
  • Please adhere to these guidelines explicitly, there will be no further private communications.
  • Any entries that do not comply with these simple guidelines will not be accepted.
  • Only 3 Pieces per Entrant – in one email please, unless otherwise stated.
  • You will only receive contact from us if your are chosen as a participant in this anthology.
  • Failure to follow guidelines will cause your submitted work to be rejected.



Disclaimer: When you submit your work for inclusion in this anthology you are granting Creative Talents Unleashed and its affiliates use of your work Royalty-Free in connection to this offering and promotional services. Author retains all rights to his/her work.

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Open Submissions

Naughty nuts and oltsNaughty Nuts & Bolts

Submissions Open From June 24 – August 24, 2018

Foreword: Keeping it light-hearted and tasteful, maybe even a bit humorous tell us about your sexual fantasies good or bad. And about those first-hand and often funny awkward sexual encounters and anecdotes you may well have, did you bang heads kissing, make a fool of yourself, or fall into a rose bush as I once did. You know the kind of thing I’m talking about… like those dating disasters you wish you never had. Tell us how exhilarating  was the sex… Was it truly special, or was it pure unadulterated ecstasy or just a complete unmitigated disaster?  Divulge how it felt and what it personally meant if anything at all. Tell us about those first-hand experiences of carnal knowledge, did they ‘meet your expectations’, where did it take place? Was it farcical and meaningless-sex or simply wonderful life changing-sex? Tell us all the Naughty nuts and bolts… use good wordplay and again tasteful timeless metaphors.  Go ahead feel free to relinquish all your inhibitions and naughty secrets…. amour, amour, amour.

Email Submission to:
Subject Line: Please Use Title of Anthology/Your Name

Be sure to follow the guidelines above. Thank you.

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