Primed Real-estate

Excerpt from Measuring For Balance by Author Demitri Tyler Primed Real-estate Primed real-estate an old army base holding refugees in a postcard called San Francisco Prime real-estate a closed army base called a community not on the postcard of San… Read More ›


Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes Hindsight Inner crowd reject Coy in a search for that future prospect Self-imposed exile Blurred from tragedy; armed with a melancholic smile Chinks in the armor; the dropping of the veil Satisfaction… Read More ›


Excerpt from Measuring For Balance by Author Demitri Tyler Life I am the first tear you ever shed The unexpected pleasure of a simple touch The sweet scent of the waking dawn I am Your first love pure untainted and… Read More ›

Cerebral Wildness

Excerpt from Journey To The Poetic Light Cerebral Wildness Oxymoronic To the edge of darkness In the landscape of the imagination Thoughts birthed to grow and form Where monsters sometime hide And demons whisper Brilliant ideas, images of death But… Read More ›

J.U.N.K. Food II

Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” J.U.N.K. Food II Mass distraction by design Copious amounts of coverage; shifting the paradigm Subdued by the slanted news Taking it as gospel to dictate one’s views Stereotypical dialogue employed as doublespeak Praying on the… Read More ›