Bosom Dirt

Excerpt from Measuring For Balance by Author Demitri Tyler Bosom Dirt My mother laughed and said, “Son I made you, blew life into your cheeks and now I can just eat you up, mm mmm mm precious baby of my… Read More ›

Sour Notes

Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes Sour Notes Circa ’79 a movement surfacing from the underground Rhythmic four beat counts emerging with this new sound Boom boxes, graffiti, tagging, to that b-boy stance Countless battles ensuing on who… Read More ›

Aromatic to Auditory

Excerpt from Journey To The Poetic Light Aromatic to Auditory Sweet honeysuckle sounds of jazz Improvisational growth too many heights and hues Follow the breeze as fragrances dance on air notes Myriads of tones speaking into ears, beating on ear… Read More ›

Obscure Psychology

Excerpt from “Echoes And Consequences” Obscure Psychology Caught at the midst of chaos Searching through darkness, Picking up our own shattered pieces Embracing hatred, Lost in loneliness Leaving conspicuousness Sheltering uncertainties Playing with vulnerabilities Absorbing cruelty Appreciating mediocrity Breathing with… Read More ›

The Outlaw

Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root The Outlaw The cross is cocked and loaded the hammer pulled back full Nails in the chamber ready to pierce me slow Trigger finger getting itchy The safety can no longer… Read More ›

The Rains Have Fallen

Excerpt from “Poems Of Redemption” by Author Olawale Famodun The Rains Have Fallen The rains have fallen; The avalanche itself has fallen; The snow, gripped by chilliness, has fallen feverishly; The shooting stars, paranoid of the ground, have all fallen;… Read More ›