Eyes of a Bird

Seeing through the eyes of a bird Always speaking but never heard Navigating this industrialized land My, how things have gotten out of hand Searching for remnants of a long forgotten flock Searching for seeds on this cold, desolate rock… Read More ›

Self Discovery

Searching for purpose in life’s agreements Expecting great things to unfold along this journey Lessons learned each and every day Faith keeping me alive, holding my hand along the way Day in and day out I find reasons to be… Read More ›

Plants on the Pool

Excerpt from “Poems Of Redemption” by Author Olawale Famodun Plants on the Pool I can only imagine One soft-stem plant That flowers with Petals of hazel, alders, and birch Which alone They reflect to the eyes, Swimming upon A gentle… Read More ›

Behind My Anger

Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” Behind My Anger Behind my anger is the overwhelming desire to release the hurt, the bitterness, the resentment, the shame and the pain that I feel deep inside I’ve been mad for a long time!… Read More ›

Primed Real-estate

Excerpt from Measuring For Balance by Author Demitri Tyler Primed Real-estate Primed real-estate an old army base holding refugees in a postcard called San Francisco Prime real-estate a closed army base called a community not on the postcard of San… Read More ›


Excerpt from “Poems Of Redemption” by Author Olawale Famodun Change The fast narrow cutting stream, converts to a broad slow-moving brook. The steep on the jagged hills is shaped into an angelic, gentle one. The row that moved the mountains… Read More ›


Excerpt from our book “Unleashed” Peace For everyone who is hurting Lost anything Lost everything Lost another A significant other I will write a prayer for Peace across my heart for you For every orphan child You do not deserve… Read More ›